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Kinder Beauty

Zero-Waste Bundle

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Start making a difference by switching from plastic to bamboo for your everyday basics. This collection features a comb, toothbrush, sponge, serum, lip balm, and straw to help encourage eco-friendly habits throughout your self-care routine.


FETE Bamboo Comb - small
Retail Value $8.00
Replace your old plastic brush with a bamboo comb that’s strong, sturdy, and biodegradable—even in your home compost. Keep it on your vanity for detangling your hair fresh out of the shower, or toss it in your purse for mid-day touch-ups.

FETE Toothbrush
Retail Value $5.25
One-billion toothbrushes are thrown away annually and are adding millions of pounds to the landfill every year. Instead of purchasing a plastic toothbrush to add to that pile, switch to a smooth, natural bamboo toothbrush. Not only is this an excellent move for the preservation of the environment, but also because bamboo is antimicrobial and antibacterial—and will keep your brush fresher longer.

FETE Konjac Sponge
Retail Value $8.00
Is your skin often too sensitive for a washcloth or everyday scrub? A konjac sponge, made from the konjac plant native to Asia, will give you a deep clean and soften your skin without irritation. Simply add water, watch it absorb and soften, and start scrubbing away!

J&L Naturals Orange & Cedarwood Lip Balm
Retail Value $12.99
Many lip balms are so forgettable that many of you even forget where you put them—the glove compartment of your car, junk drawer in your kitchen, every third purse in your closet …. Instead of adding to the neverending mystery of the missing lip balms, why not find a lip balm that really works and comes in a biodegradable container? This orange and cedarwood flavored lip balm is rich in antioxidants, fast-absorbing, and will hold in moisture for hours. Plus, it’s loved by all genders and ages.
J&L Naturals Balance Skin Serum  
Retail Value $29.99
J&L has quickly become a fan favorite within the Kinder Beauty community for its eco-friendly packaging and clean formulations. The Balance Skin Serum will soon be added to your list of favorites as it’s loaded with vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and anti-inflammatory ingredients—and will also help regulate your skin’s own sebum production. This is a winner in our book!

Go Silli Reusable Straw
Retail Value $1.50
One of the first items many of us replace as we become more zero-waste is disposable straws. Grab your very own reusable, non-toxic silicone straw that is oh-so-cute and very easy to stash away for whenever you need to grab a quick smoothie, iced tea, or soda on-the-go.