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Kinder Beauty

Vacay Vibes

  • $73.98
  • $18.00

Packing for vacay or just love travel size products (us too!)? We have got you covered with Kinder Beauty approved necessities: shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, two toothbrushes, and a cooling eye serum. All set to jet.

Franklin & Whitman Vitamin C Eye Serum ($39.95 Retail Value)

Roll-on this cooling eye serum for instant spa vibes from anywhere you go. Dark under-eye circles? This serum is to the rescue with a concentrated vitamin C formula that reduces discoloration over time and boosts the appearance of collagen-rich skin. Powerhouse ingredients like moringa oil join the action to soothe while squalane smooths out fine lines.

Timeless Organics Repairing Shampoo ($7 Retail Value)

This nourishing, oil-based shampoo with biotin, the ultimate hair vitamin, adds instant body while CoQ10 strengthens your strands’ ability to recover from stressors like pollution and color treatment. Avocado and argan oils complete the restoration by absorbing into your hair and scalp, moisturizing and taming frizz and split ends.

Timeless Organics Repairing Conditioner ($7 Retail Value)

Organic, silky conditioner features biotin to strengthen follicles, decrease breakage, and lock abundant moisture into your hair without leaving you oily. Jojoba and tea tree oils help moderate oil production and soothe the scalp while detangling, leaving you with the shiniest of strands.

Timeless Organics Soothing Body Wash ($7 Retail Value)

Rinse and replenish post-sunshine with this rich body wash designed to protect your skin’s moisture barrier. Delicate notes of gardenia, orchid, and honeysuckle will leave you swooning as you cleanse with this hydrating formulation that boosts collagen production and reduces discoloration.

Panga Bamboo Toothbrush - White & Black ($12.98 Retail Value)

Made of biodegradable bamboo and BPA-free nylon bristles, this brush will have your pearly whites shining. With white and black bases so you can tell whose is whose, this brush will stand up on its own—especially perfect to pack for Summer vacay plans.