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Jubel Naturals

Super Sensitive Trio

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Sometimes you just need some tender-loving care, and this trio is all about caretaking even the most sensitive skin. Everything is fragrance-free: the gentle cleanser, the soothing toner, and the light-yet-mighty moisturizer. Plus, these products are carry-on ready, so you can take your ultra-sensitive skincare with you wherever you go! ($46 Value)

Super Sensitive Moisturizer ($18 Value)

Don’t be fooled by this moisturizer’s light touch: the long-lasting hydration and deep nourishment it provides will make a big impact on your skin! Hyaluronic acid does its thing to help your skin absorb moisture and stay hydrated while shea butter prevents water loss. And grapeseed oil is in the mix to hydrate, soften and improve skin tone.

Super Sensitive Toner  ($17 Value)

The toners of yesteryear were terribly harsh—but, thankfully, those days are long gone! This ultra-soothing formula will plump and calm irritation, hyaluronic acid bathes your skin in moisture and hydration, and aloe vera and cucumber extract give you the deepest dose of cool.

Super Sensitive Cleanser ($11 Value)

Cleansing is a crucial step in any routine—but all too often, these products can leave your skin stripped and vulnerable. This cleanser does the exact opposite. Rice bran and argan oils soothe irritation and vitamin E protects your skin’s barrier—leaving you clean, safe, and ready to face the day or night.