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November Box: Spa Day

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The products in this box make it easy to create your very own spa experience whether you’re at home or on the go. With a calming and toning face mist, an essential oil-packed hair and scalp elixir, a powder blender sponge, and a moisturizing glow highlighter, you’ll have everything you need to feel recharged and revitalized. This month’s box also features a bonus item: Vadham Tea. Experience an exceptional cup of tea with premium and handpicked ingredients from a brand with a conscience.

Honua Hawaiian Beauty Water - 1 oz ($18 Value)

Tone, tighten, and exfoliate—all at the same time. Honua’s Beauty water is formulated with papaya enzymes, hibiscus and kō (Hawaiian sugar) to exfoliate your skin gently with natural acids, AHA and BHA. To find your inner glow, pump a small amount of the Beauty Water onto a bamboo or cotton round and wipe your entire face and décolleté before following with a serum and moisturizer.

Source Vital Hair and Scalp Elixir ($22.95 Value)

The health of our scalp is a crucial part of hair care, yet it’s a part of our beauty routine that’s often overlooked. Whether your scalp is oily, clogged, or dry, this elixir is here to save your mane. It contains a powerful blend of essential oils designed to prevent the appearance of dandruff and support strong hair follicles for gorgeous, healthy hair. Bonus: it’s also great for flyaways and brittle ends.

Lotte Naturals Whipped Cocoa and Eucalyptus Foot Balm ($18 Value)

Next up on your self-care list: your feet. This foot balm contains cocoa butter, shea butter, and soothing oils to heal cracks and dryness on one of our most-used appendages. Go ahead, give your tootsies some love.

Luxie Beauty Powder Blender Sponge (in Brown) ($18 Value)

Product matters, but a good blender can make all the difference—especially when it comes to powder. Luxie’s Powder Blender sponge is slightly firmer, which makes it perfect for powders of all kinds—from blushes to bronzers to setting powders. Simply dip it into powder, apply, and gasp at your gorgeousness. This sponge comes in brown.

Wander Beauty Wanderess Glow Highlighter ($30 Value)

More bubbly, please! This champagne-colored highlighter is here to keep the glow going all day (and night) long. It contains light-reflecting pigments to make those cheekbones pop, sunflower seed oil to keep your skin moisturized, and edelweiss flower extract to help reduce the appearance of fine lines. Keep your glass full. 

Vahdam Tea (Bonus)

No DIY spa day is complete without a steaming mug of tea. Our favorite? Vahdam Teas, with premium ingredients that are handpicked from gardens in India. Not only are their teas delicious, but they’re also a brand with a conscience: they take care of their farmers and are certified Climate and Plastic Neutral. Bottoms up.