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Power Duo

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Power Duo

This limited-edition collection is not one you’ll want to miss. Experience deep hydration with a luxurious cream loaded with CBD-rich hemp extract and other beneficial plant botanicals, and a niacinamide and CBD serum that will elevate your skin’s radiance to the next level.

The Afterglow Cream ($68.00 Value)

Soar towards maximum hydration with this luscious cream infused with naturally-occurring CBD. Featuring butterfly ginger extract, turmeric, vegan collagen, squalane, and four types of hyaluronic acid, these ingredients mingle synergistically with whole-plant hemp, leaving you with soft, glowy skin.

Enlightenment Serum ($18.00 Value)

Enlighten your skin by bringing its inner beauty out. This lightweight niacinamide and CBD serum combats the everyday effects of oxidation and environmental stress with a unique saccharide complex that provides long-lasting hydration and a nutrient-dense, cold-pressed coconut juice complete with vitamin C, antioxidants, and electrolytes to brighten your skin from deep within.