Pamper Me Box

  • $92.00
  • $22.00

Get everything you need for head-to-toe self-care. Inside you’ll find a shampoo mini bar, a hand and face cream duo, a soothing lip balm, a blender sponge for your favorite powder-based makeup products, and a healing foot balm to complete your Pamper Me routine. This month’s box also features a bonus item: Vadham Tea. Experience an exceptional cup of tea with premium and handpicked ingredients from a brand with a conscience.

Pure’Am Authentic Barrier Cream Balm ($20 Value)

Colder weather means your skin needs to play defense. Give your epidermis a hand with this yummy cream balm. Encapsulated Vegan Ceramide, organic glycerin, and shea butter create a protective yet nourishing layer that’s clinically proven to help prevent trans-epidermal water loss. Translation? Major moisture when you need it most. 

Lotte Naturals Whipped Cocoa and Eucalyptus Foot Balm ($18 Value)

Next up on your self-care list: your feet. This foot balm contains cocoa butter, shea butter, and soothing oils to heal cracks and dryness on one of our most-used appendages. Go ahead, give your tootsies some love.

Superzero Shampoo Bar Mini ($6 Value)

Whether your hair is normal to oily or damaged and frizzy, Superzero has your back with this adorable mini shampoo bar. It’s sulfate- and soap-free and contains green tea leaf oil, juniper berry oil, and natural plant proteins for a thick, satisfying lather. It’s made with sustainable packaging, and it’ll last you as long as two to three bottles of liquid shampoo—which means Mama Nature definitely approves. 

Luxie Beauty Powder Blender Sponge- grey ($15 Value)

Product matters, but a good blender can make all the difference—especially when it comes to powder. Luxie’s Powder Blender sponge is slightly firmer, which makes it perfect for powders of all kinds—from blushes to bronzers to setting powders. Simply dip it into powder, apply, and gasp at your gorgeousness. This sponge comes in grey. 

Bali Balm, Bergamot/ Grapefruit and Sweet Orange/Coconut ($30 Value)

Less a chapstick, more an experience. These heavenly smelling balms contain natural ingredients like peppermint leaf essential oil, rosemary extract, and vanilla fruit extract to plump, soothe, and soften your pucker. 

Vahdam Tea (Bonus)

No DIY spa day is complete without a steaming mug of tea. Our favorite? Vahdam Teas, with premium ingredients that are handpicked from gardens in India. Not only are their teas delicious, but they’re also a brand with a conscience: they take care of their farmers and are certified Climate and Plastic Neutral. Bottoms up.