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Love Your Lashes

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Lashes need some extra love this winter? This bundle contains a unique, highly effective hemp mascara, an eyelash and brow serum to boost hair growth, a set of eye-popping synthetic lashes, and a heated lash curler. It’s everything you need for Earth-approved, sky-high, on-point lash game.

Chella Heated Lash Curler ($22.00 Value)

Get ready for the coolest beauty tool we’ve seen all season. This heated curler is a tiny, lash-sized, battery-powered wand that heats up in about 40-60 seconds. Simply apply your mascara, run the curler from the base of the lash to its tip, and watch your lashes transform. The cold-pinch method is officially over.

La Bloom Beauty Lash & Brow Serum ($25.00 Value)

It’s no secret that mascara and eye makeup can take a toll on your lashes and brows, so La Bloom designed this serum to nourish their delicate, often-overlooked hair follicles. The result is revolutionary: the serum uses lavender, castor, and argan oils to help grow and moisturize new hairs, which leads to less makeup, which leads to healthier lashes and brows (and the cycle continues). Va-va-bloom.

My Little Mascara Club Volume + Curl Formula ($12.00 Value)

Get lashes for days—sponsored by none other than Mother Nature. Unlike most mascaras, this one contains over 90% natural ingredients—including plant-based squalane to protect and strengthen your lashes and candelilla wax for maximum staying power. Plus, it has a curved brush for highly effective, lash-fanning application, so you can make those peepers pop.

Kawaii Girl Cosmetics Tokyo Lashes ($18.00 Value)

Give your eyes the pop factor with these gorgeous synthetic vegan lashes. They’re lightweight and natural-looking, cruelty-free, and super easy to apply. The best part? They can be worn up to 20 times, for 20 incredible nights out.