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Kinder Beauty

Glow Girl

  • $80.69
  • $16.00

Talk about Summer of self-care, this.is.it! Get comfortable in front of your favorite mirror and take your time with facial cupping to reveal your most revitalized skin, yet. Also, apply hair mask for deep conditioned happiness. You will glow, girl.

Sahara Rose Divine Beauty Serum ($38 Retail Value)

This serum is nourishing, rich, and good for both mind and body. It contains a blend of pomegranate seed and prickly pear seed oils to hydrate dry skin, plus notes of lavender, bergamot, rosemary, and geranium oils to uplift your mood for a great start to the day. Simply divine.

Province Apothecary Sculpt + Tone Facial Cupping Set ($29 Retail Value)

Say cheers with these cups that will bring renewed vibrancy to dull-looking skin! This facial cupping set made of high-quality silicone uses gentle suction to pull the skin away from deeper layers and bring nutrients to the surface, kickstarting a healing response that will smooth wrinkles and leave skin revitalized. Use with our Sahara Rose serum to ensure a smooth glide, and you’ll be toasting to your refreshed glow.

Moonlit Bamboo Scrunchie Black ($10 Retail Value)

Diligent with your hair care but still seeing random breakage? Your hair tie might be to blame. This silky-smooth scrunchie is made from soft bamboo, which means no ridges, breakage or damage to your hair. Slide it on in Blackout Black for a chic chignon or simple ponytail.

Andalou Naturals Hair Mask - 1000 Roses ($3.69 Retail Value)

This deep conditioning treatment uses rose stem cells, berry bioactives, and nourishing oils to silken your hair back into full, shining health, helping it recover from those sunny but damaging UV rays, your trusted curling iron, and color treatments.