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Province Apothecary

Facial Collection

  • $90.00
  • $34.00

Province Apothecary Facial Collection

With this collection, it’s all about the face. A balancing toner, a reusable sheet mask to lock in all the goodness of your favorite products, and a refreshing resurfacing mask will leave you with smoochably smooth skin.

Reusable Silicone Sheet Mask Set for Face + Eyes ($36 Value)

Say hello to the sheet mask you’ll never say goodbye to! Designed to lock your favorite serums and balms into place so they can work their magic, this reusable silicone mask will help strengthen your skin’s barrier, lock in deep hydration, and smooth fine lines—all while enabling you to reduce waste by avoiding disposable masks.

Regenerating Exfoliator + Resurfacing Mask ($36 Value)

Make a once-a-week appointment for resurfacing and smoothing with this gentle exfoliating mask. Active plant enzymes work to polish, accelerate cellular renewal, and hydrate to leave you with a refreshed and revived glow.

Invigorating + Balancing Toner ($18 Value)

Life can be a balancing act—so find your skin’s equilibrium with this alcohol-free toner that packs an exfoliating punch. Featuring gluconic acid, a gentle AHA and powerful antioxidant, this non-irritating formula smoothes, firms, controls the appearance of oil, and allows serums to penetrate more deeply—all while maintaining your skin’s natural pH balance.