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Earth Harbor Greatest Hits

Get Earth Harbor’s top sellers while targeting all of your skin concerns. These powerful, high-quality products are packed with ocean and earth-based ingredients designed to restore texture and radiance for a routine you’ll treasure.

Earth Harbor MERMAID MILK Nutrient Glow Moisturizer ($42.00 Value)

A classic in the Kinder Beauty universe, Earth Harbor’s Mermaid Milk is a staple that everyone should try at least once. This moisturizer is packed with superfoods such as spirulina and matcha, along with concentrated phytonutrients, antioxidants, and vegan hyaluronic acid. Either wear it under your makeup as a skincare base, or enjoy it all by itself, as your final step in your morning and evening routine.

Earth Harbor CELESTINE Hydra-Plumping Peptide Serum ($45.00 Value)

Named for its sky-blue color (which mimics the precious Celestine stone), this plumping, replenishing serum is a jewel in the crown of your beauty routine. Hyaluronic acid is the hottest ingredient in skincare right now, and this product combines it with such favorites as seaweed peptides, pomegranate, aloe leaf juice, Vitamin B3, and blue yarrow to hydrate and replenish your face. Simply shake to activate, apply four to ten drops on clean skin, and plump it up.

Earth Harbor SAMPHIRE Sea-Retinol Digital Serum ($49.00 Value)

Turns out the ocean makes its own skincare products. This serum contains samphire, a plant that grows in the sea and acts just like retinol—minus the photosensitizing side effects. With tons of phyto-Vitamin C, this plant also allows your skin to rejuvenate itself through biomimicry. Plus, it blocks the blue light emissions from your phone and laptop, which can be harmful to skin. Just like you, this super-serum does it all.

Earth Harbor MARINA Biome Brightening Ampoule ($38.00)

What is an ampoule, you ask? An ampoule (pronounced “amp-yool”) is a “small, sealed vial containing a precious liquid”. True to its name, this brightening oil blend is precious as buried treasure, optimizing your skin’s biome with powerhouse ingredients like superfood spirulina, blue tansy, squalane, and other moisturizing, anti-aging plant oils. It targets uneven skin tone, discoloration, and dullness for a priceless, natural glow.