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Dirty Lamb

Triple Threat Bundle

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We believe in love, not war—except when it comes to combating enemy factors that make your skin and hair seem dull and lifeless. This collection includes a plumping, mocha-scented eye serum, a softening serum for your knees and elbows, and a hydrating scalp serum to give you the healthiest of hair. Claim victory for your whole body.

Dirty Lamb Peppermint Mocha Eye Serum (Value $52)

Who doesn’t love a nice mint mocha? Your skin sure will—thanks to this powerhouse serum designed to give your eyes a youthful, brighter, and tighter appearance. Fatty acids and green coffee bean oil help to build collagen and elastin while mint works its magic to lessen inflammation. Let your eyes drink up this serum two times a day for optimal results.

Dirty Lamb Coconut Mint Scalp Serum (Value $50)

Healthy hair begins with the scalp. This serum is loaded with nutrients to soothe and hydrate your scalp, promoting a healthy, glossy sheen to your mane. Mint, spearmint, and tea tree work to stimulate hair growth and reduce dandruff, and the minty-fresh scent is one you’ll want to leave on. Good thing, too, because you should let this serum soak in for 15-20 minutes before washing out with shampoo.

Dirty Lamb Coconut Spice Knees and Elbow Serum (Value $48)

Stop neglecting your driest and roughest places with this serum that targets your elbows and knees. Carrot seed and cinnamon oil do more than just add a delicious spiced scent: they gently smooth, soften, and revive the skin tone of these areas that deserve just as much love as the rest of us.