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Kinder Beauty

Bambu Earth Bundle

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Bambu Earth delivers a sought-after daily duo with formulas that are eco-friendly, ethically sourced, and pregnancy-safe.

Bambu Earth Full Size Hydration Mist 4oz
Retail Value $48.00
Product Description:
Kinder Beauties will love this multifunctional hydrosol. Made with only three ingredients (the hydrosols of frankincense, immortelle, and turmeric), this powerhouse hydration mist can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and scars, while also delivering concentrated antioxidants and firming up your skin. Use as a toner, room spray, or as your liquid component in a DIY face mask—such as the J&L Naturals face masks from your March Kinder Beauty boxes.

Bambu Earth Full Size Makeup/Dirt Cleansing Oil
Retail Value: $22.00
Product Description:
This black cleansing oil is just what the skin-doctor ordered as it will help dissolve all impurities while still maintaining your skin’s natural oil barrier. Use this as part of your double-cleansing method in the evening or to get rid of your excess oils after a long workout.