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Kinder Beauty

April 2022 Bloom Box

  • $103.69
  • $26.00

This summer your hair, face, and skin deserves sprucing up, too. This flower-forward box features an intensive collagen serum, a glitzy lip gloss, a nourishing hair mask, a floral-scented body wash, and an addictive facial cupping set we think will be a gateway drug for those new to using facial tools.

Sonage collagen boosting serum 

April showers are as crucial to May flowers as collagen is to youthful-looking skin. This intensive serum treatment features innovative plant-based collagen technology to get you looking springtime fresh. A potent blend of rice, soy, and baobab mimic animal-derived collagen to plump, smooth, and boost the firmness and elasticity of your skin.

Province Apothecary cupping set

Say cheers with these cups that will bring renewed vibrancy to dull-looking skin! This facial cupping set made of high-quality silicone uses gentle suction to pull the skin away from deeper layers of fascia and bring nutrients to the surface, kickstarting a healing response that will smooth wrinkles and leave skin revitalized. Use with a serum (may we suggest the Sonage collagen booster in this box?) to ensure a smooth glide, and you’ll be toasting to your refreshed glow. P.S. Check out our handy tutorial to see how it works! 

Laritzy lip gloss - old rose

Ready for your closeup? This nude rose-tinted gloss will get you prepped for the camera or to impress your besties, all without that gluey stickiness common to so many glosses. With a boost of hydration and a polished shine, this gloss will bring an editorial cachet to your day.

Andalou Naturals hair mask—1000 roses

Give your hair the gift of roses—but instead of long-stem, think stem cells. This deep conditioning treatment uses rose stem cells, berry bioactives, and nourishing oils to romance your hair back into full, shining health, helping it recover from damage wrought by winter, wind, or color treatment.

Timeless Organics body wash

Get your shower smelling like a newly bloomed bouquet with this rich wash designed to protect your skin’s moisture barrier. Delicate notes of gardenia, orchid, and honeysuckle will leave you swooning as you cleanse with this hydrating formulation that boosts collagen production and reduces discoloration. You’ll be fresh as a daisy by the time you’re done.