Buy One, Get One Free!

 Kinder Beauty Box and Veestro have teamed up to bring you an amazing offer.
Buy One, Get One FREE!  
Order a new 3-month subscription to Kinder Beauty using code VEESTRO and receive a FREE BOX ($75+ value) with your first shipment. You'll get more than $300 worth of products you’ll instantly fall in love with...for just $66!
Each Kinder Beauty box is packed with $75-$165 worth of vegan, clean and cruelty-free skincare, makeup, hair-care & more!
Here are some of our favorite customer testimonials!
"What surprised me the most was how much is in the box! And full sized products as well!"
"My favorite part? The quality of the products yet still being cruelty free and kind to my body and the environment."
"The box is recyclable and Kinder is doing everything they can to help the planet and animals."
"Your products renewed my love and I stopped being scared that there were no good ethical beauty companies."