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stay safe collection

For every Stay Safe Collection sold, Kinder Beauty will donate a face mask to Chilis on Wheels. 


The Kinder Beauty team wants you to stay safe, so we’ve put together this collection of essentials: A custom Kinder Beauty protective face mask, two hand sanitizers from Franklin & Whitman and a disinfectant spray from Bellapierre. 

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100% Pure / Green Tea SPF

This smooth, dual-purpose moisturizing sunscreen lotion from top ethical brand 100% Pure shields skin from the sun's harmful UV rays with SPF 30 protection—all while nourishing and rehydrating thirsty skin.


This natural sunscreen deeply soothes with a base of hydrating aloe and refreshing cucumber juice, while nourishing with luscious oils of raspberry, avocado, olive, and rosehip to soften and moisturize for comfortable, all-day wear.

(Please limit 2 per customer)

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DISCLAIMER: THESE MASKS ARE NOT MEDICAL GRADE - For use only in low or minimal risk patient isolation situations.


If you’re anything like me, the idea of receiving quality 100% vegan and cruelty-free beauty products at your doorstep each month sounds like a dream. I’m very passionate about animals and I also love makeup, and I do not believe that the two should intersect. I am so proud to have helped bring the Kinder Beauty Box to life!

Dr. Botanicals Pomegranate Sleep Mask 

Dr. Botanicals is a London-based brand that uses 100% natural ingredients in their skin care and body washing products. This sleeping mask is a perfect hydrating overnight treatment for thirsty dull skin. Among other things, it contains pomegranate, which is bursting with skin-healthy antioxidants. 

Retail Value | $17.99

Akar Skin Mini Toner & Facial Oil

The essential combo for your daily skincare routine. Use the balancing toner to rejuvinate the skin using: rose, neroli, and vegan stem-cells derived from Saffron. Finish off with soothing blue tansy, chamomile, argan and safflower oils to clarify, balance sebum and calm inflammation.


Retail Value | $30

Folly Fire Full House (red lipstick) 

Folly Fire’s luxurious, buildable formula helps transform your lips into pout-perfect art, ready to slay any occasion. Apply lipstick from the center of your lips working your way to the corners. Repeat for an ultra-intense coverage. 

Retail Value | $15.00

Dear Self “I Am Gleaming” Face Moisturizer 

Soothe, firm, and heal the skin with this vitamin C, E and A enriched moisturizer. Provide a healthy glow all while layering on a host of anti-aging & anti-sun damaged super stars.

Retail Value | $29.50

EVOLVh Shampoo & Conditioner (travel size) 

This luxurious shampoo and conditioner duo visibly smooths, increases shine & elasticity while transforming texture to youthful softness and improving hair health. Ideal for all hair types, this beloved duo balances pH levels and includes amazing natural ingredients like wild pansy, sweet clover and apricot extracts plus amino and fatty acids which are essential for strong, silky, healthy hair.

Retail Value | $15.00

Clove + Hallow Hydratint Blush Serum 

This water-based formula gives the skin a perfect satin finish flush that looks like real skin. This lightweight blush serum is infused with meadowfoam oil and hyaluronic acid.

Retail Value | $20.00

MOTD Cosmetics Get Cheeky With It Blush Brush 

A high-performance cruelty-free vegan angled blush brush designed to apply a variety of blushes and bronzers.

Retail Value | $16.00

Total Retail Value: $143.49
Yours for: $38.00

Who is Chilis on Wheels?

Chilis on Wheels is a non-profit that strives to make veganism accessible to communities in need through meal-shares, food demos, workshops, and other community support. Right now the group is focused on pandemic relief in three key areas of operation: NYC, Maui, and New England. 

In NYC, the Chilis on Wheels team are delivering vegan groceries to families in need. They are serving approximately 160 families weekly, in all boroughs. They are also serving groceries to students in low-income school districts, Brownsville in Brooklyn, and Motts Haven in the Bronx. They also set up micro food pantry tables in neighborhoods like Bushwick, Flatbush, Crown-Heights, Sunnyside, and Queens; and they have a hot meal-share program targeting homeless and food-insecure individuals and families in Tompkins Square Park, Harlem, and Sunnyside Queens.  

(2x) Franklin & Whitman Hand Sanitizing Spray (2 oz.)

This is the hand sanitizer spray you’ve been missing, and this bundle comes with not one, but TWO of these essential items. And thanks to the 70% isopropyl content (the CDC only looks for over 60%), this spray is a whopping 99.99% effective against most common germs. The formula feels pampering, too, featuring both vegetable glycerin and soothing aloe vera to keep your hands from drying out too much. Iconic beauty and self-care company Franklin & Whitman is one of our faves for a reason, and as soon as you (literally) get your hands on this glorious new addition to your hygiene regimen, you’ll understand why.

Retail Value | $7.95 Each (Total $15.90)

Bellapierre Cosmetics Disinfectant Spray 

Bellapierre Wellness is making your dreams come true with this much-buzzed-about disinfectant spray, which kills a staggering 99.99% of bacteria! It’s both a hygiene spray and a disinfectant, so use it on surfaces (we’re talking keyboards, iPhones, doorknobs) or on your hands for a one-two punch. Carry this with you for all-day protection against those pesky germs, and feel extra confident when you go out into the world. With this in your pocket, no matter what surprise encounters come up throughout the day, you will know you will be protected. These days, with the world around us quickly changing, keep control of the things you can—and add this next-level hygiene spray to the top of that list.

Retail Value | $10 

Kinder Beauty Face Mask 

Kinder Beauties, you’re in for a treat. This custom, washable, three-layer, 100% cotton facemask from Kinder Beauty pretty much sums up our feelings: “Spread kindness, not a virus.” Also, this comfortable and chic mask includes a super-useful filter pocket, in case you want to upgrade to something even more protective (filter not included). Stay safe with this face covering and keep your spittles to yourself (nobody else wants ‘em!), but keep spreading that beautiful kindness—it looks so good on you!

Retail Value | $15

RuMe Accessory Pocket 

With all of the small items you carry with you throughout your day, it’s easy for things to get lost in the abyss of your handbag. RuMe's Accessory Pocket keeps all of your essential items organized and in one spot. And lucky for you, all of the items in your Kinder Beauty Stay Safe collection will come tucked into this adorable, USA-made satchel—boasting a zipper closure so that you can stay organized. It’s washable, too, so use it for years to come. This hip packaging will make your Stay Safe collection easy to grab, easy to use, and easy to find. Know what’s important, and keep it zipped up.

Retail Value | $9.95

Total Retail Value: $50.85


(Please limit 2 per customer)
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100% Pure Green Tea SPF - Kinder Beauty Box

Want to bundle & save? 

Order both & get 10% off

Want to bundle & save? 

Order both & get 10% off

Want to bundle & save?

Order both & get 10% off

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