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The holidays are upon us — so let’s get ready to rumble! Or something of the sort. This month’s boxes are designed to help you explore your inner strength and find a sense of calm, no matter what the day, week, or holiday season presents.


Let’s be honest, the onset of the holiday season can be a real headache. But don’t let that stress get the best of you — stave off worry lines with a soothing yet powerful retinol serum. A weightless, buildable highlighter is bound to brighten up those moody autumnal days all while nourishing your skin. Still feeling a little meh? Give your pillow or yoga mat a spritz with the peppermint and sage meditation mist. And to bookend those busy weeks where you just need some “me time,” draw up a bath and put the skin-soothing, clarifying soap and scrumptious, exfoliating lip scrub to work!
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Give those pre-holiday-season stressies a run for their money, honey, starting with your hands! A collagen-boosting organic hand cream soothes and protects your mitts from the weather’s worsts. Oh, and did we mention, it’s made in France? Oo la la! Plus, a daily driver retinol serum helps fends off pesky worry lines and enhances your skin’s elasticity and glow. Still wishing you had a little extra something-something? Add a splash of luminosity to those cheekbones with the soothing, buildable highlighter. And close out your day using the mood-elevating soap and peppermint meditation mist — ahh, now that’s how you beat the blues.
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