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With summer in full swing, it can be refreshing to walk out the door with a minimal-makeup look, letting your natural radiance shine! That's why we've curated these boxes to detoxify and address oily skin, helping you achieve a flawless complexion that's ready to flaunt au naturel.


Detoxed skin is always in season. This box is the perfect reset for summer-stressed skin, featuring a brightening and refining bakuchiol serum, a balancing toner, a cooling body scrub, reusable bamboo pads, and a green-juice-inspired mask.
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Summer sun means stronger UV rays, which can cause your skin to go into overdrive producing sebum, a.k.a. oil. With a brightening and balancing toner, a restorative seaweed collagen eye creme, a cooling body scrub, reusable bamboo pads, and a shine control mask, this box will help your skin find a healthy balance so you can enjoy summer fun with Instagram-worthy skin.
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