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Let us guide you on a moonlit path towards self-care and kindness. These boxes are designed to focus on your inner beauty while keeping your spirit high with the most coveted moonlight crystal eyeshadow palette, a healing nail serum, and the gorgeous tools you’ll need to accomplish your most vibrant day and night looks.

Cosmic Cleanse

Cosmic Cleanse is a focused blend of stunning ritual plus a refreshing escape. Introducing the highly coveted moonlight crystal eyeshadow palette with a flaunt-worthy gold brush set, a healing nail serum, a botanical shave cream, plus a cleansing soap or sanitizer. Feel the illumination of cosmic energy as you immerse daily in this gorgeousness.
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Galaxy Glow

Embrace the glow as you open up to our highly coveted moonlight crystal palette paired with a stunning gold brush set. Practice self-care with our healing nail serum and botanical shave cream to feel complete galactic energy. Dream amongst the refining glycolic treatment with rose quartz and moonstone extracts. This box will invoke your senses and have you shining bright like stars in the night sky.
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