How New Mom Daniella Monet is Spending New Year's Eve: Self-Care, Low-Key Family Time, and Spreading Compassion

Greetings, Kinder Beauties. Daniella Monet here—Kinder Beauty's co-founder.

I wanted to check in with you and tell you how grateful I am for the Kinder Beauty community. There is so much to be excited about as we approach 2020. 

This is the first year I’m celebrating the holidays with my new son, Gio, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share this spirit of overwhelming joy with him. Even though he’s still an infant, my wonderful fiance and I are teaching him all about our holiday traditions, and the experience has made me appreciate this time of year so much more. This year, we’re holding on to a few traditions and creating new ones as a family.

I realize that “quiet” and “new baby” are complete contradictions, but compared to the New Year’s Eve festivities I attended pre-Gio, an evening at home is a humbler affair. While I do enjoy a good time out—particularly over tacos at Sugar Taco, which I love so much that I invested in it—at this point in my life, I’m perfectly fine cooking something yummy and cuddling up with my hubby and son to ring in the New Year. 

While not going out, I do plan on practicing a little skin self-care the night of. I’ll wear a nice face cream and maybe some eye serum to help keep my skin moisturized and dewy. It’s truly amazing the toll that a lack of sleep can do to your complexion, but thankfully, a regular skincare routine with key vegan and cruelty-free products can keep the worst at bay (shameless plug: sign up for our Kinder Beauty subscription box)! 

New Year’s Day will look similar to Christmas—we’ll wake up, make coffee, then head out as a family to walk our two dogs, Sofi and Jake. Later in the day we’ll meet up with my family for an early vegan dinner then head home (hopefully) before bath time! 

Moving forward in 2020, I’d like to make self-care even more of a priority. In 2019, I helped open a restaurant and had a baby! If you’ve done either one of these, you know how time-consuming they can be. I’d also like to make even more time for my family and trying new experiences—like traveling with a baby (any tips would be appreciated!). 

Ultimately, I’m hopeful for what 2020 will bring in regards to the spread of global compassion. I’m seeing more and more companies like Kinder Beauty make a positive impact in the lives of animals, and I can’t wait to see the progress these companies make moving forward. I want to be a part of the solution and see my son grow up in a kinder, more compassionate world. 

Happy New Year!




Fay Herrington

I also loved the 3 boxes. I had enough to keep and some for friends to try. I’m sure I have influenced at least one of them……. I love them because I can try everything before I shop to continue using some of them.


I love your New Year’s plans! Mine are pretty similar in that I will be staying in with my boyfriend and our pets with our little spread of snacks, and then the next morning we’ll have pancakes and coffee then head to his grandmother’s for dinner in the afternoon. On new year’s day I plan to cleanse the house with a sage bundle and palo santo, and declutter a bit to welcome in some more free flowing, light hearted energy! My biggest resolution is definitely self care, because soon I’ll be starting a kinda scary medicine for my auto immune disease and I know I need to keep my body healthy and relaxed. My 3 box mystery bundle has already helped with this! Even the vanilla sugar scrub reminds me to slow down and take some time to focus on my body. Annnnyhoo… you look absolutely gorgeous and glowing and healthy… gleaming skin and gorgeous hair! So inspiring, thank you! I hope 2020 treats you as well as 2019 did <3 thanks for all you do

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