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Image of two hands (one tattooed) opening a Kinder Beauty box with lots of clean, vegan, cruelty-free beauty products in the box.

What is Kinder Beauty?

If you're anything like us, then more and more you're finding yourself staring at lengthy ingredient labels and then Googling things like: "What even is Phenoxyethanol and why is it in everything?"

And—if you're like us (and we're just gonna go with the fact that you are)—you also care deeply about what you're putting in and on your body. Yeah?

These days especially, it's more important than ever to prioritize self-care and conscious consuming. And since they say "you are what you eat," shouldn't the same be said for the creams we are rubbing around our eyes, mouths, and even elbows?

The thing is, w
hen it comes to skincare and cosmetics, it can be extremely difficult to figure out what products are actually okay to use, and which ones aren't.

And that is exactly why we created Kinder Beauty. To make discovering and shopping for beauty products that are better for your skin, better for the animals, and better for the planet easier than ever!

After all, looking and feeling our best should be fun, not something that stresses us out. It's called self-care for a reason. 

So what is Kinder Beauty?

We're a monthly beauty box ... but we're not like the other beauty boxes. 

Some say we're better.

We like to say we're just ... Kinder.

Kinder to ourselves, Kinder to each other, and Kinder to this planet which we love oh-so-much.

Now, read on to learn more about the Kinder Beauty difference ...

By now, you know the facts.

We’re a subscription box—sending vegan, cruelty-free, and clean skincare, haircare, makeup, and accessories to your front door every month. (But you already knew that.)

But what is Kinder Beauty at its core? What do we stand for? What kinds of products go into our boxes? What kinds of people are behind the scenes?

We take pride in our boxes and the work we’re doing and we want to explain a little bit about what that means. Kinder Beauty isn’t your run-of-the-mill beauty box.

There’s a lot more to us, and we want to share it with you here.

We’re clean.

We believe that what you put on your body should be as safe as what you put in it.

Our boxes are full of non-toxic beauty products because beauty should never come at the price of your health.

Your well-being is our top priority—that’s why all of the products you receive are free of the ingredients on our blacklist. These common toxins can potentially cause both short and long-term health problems, including anything from allergic reactions to cancer. 

We know that clean beauty can be hard to find. Greenwashing is a real problem in the beauty industry. So we go out of our way to find clean beauty products to put in your box to keep you feeling as good as you look.

We’re affordable.

At Kinder Beauty, you get way more than what you pay for.

Our boxes are worth up to $165 in retail value, but you’re paying as low as $23—with our six-month plan, you get an extra $75+ box, for free.

And our boxes are always full of top-notch makeup, skincare, haircare, bath and body products, and accessories from luxury brands like 100% Pure, INIKA Organics, Au Naturale, and Earth Harbor. (OMG, right?)

Each month, you’ll get at least two full-sized products in your box. This gives you the chance to try out some of these products, see what you like, and eventually establish your clean beauty routine without spending a fortune.

We’re always on-trend.

We curate our boxes monthly and we try to match the products to the season. 

November, we included a deep red multi-use color—the perfect pick-me-up for dull, cold-weather skin (and a gorgeous fall lip color!). And in July, we featured a milk moisturizer, meant to clear and soothe skin after sweaty summer breakouts for the dewy, mermaid glow of your dreams.

On top of our regular subscription boxes, we sometimes offer special add-on boxes for our subscribers. A fan-favorite from this year was the Bewitching Boo-ty Box. Guest-curated by actress Lucy Davis (where the Sabrina fans at?), this add-on was full of all things spooky for scary-good skin and makeup looks.

We’re 100-percent vegan.

This means that all of the products we send you are completely free of any and all animal ingredients and by-products. 

Obtaining non-vegan ingredients like beeswax, carmine, and lanolin put the animal in danger—sometimes they’re even killed. The worst part? These ingredients aren’t necessary.

There are plenty of
alternatives out there that work just as well, if not better. Not to mention, animal ingredients are pretty gross. Some come from wool grease, crushed beetles, and shark liver oil.

Now, we don’t know about you, but we certainly don’t want to be smearing that all over our faces.

Vegan beauty saves lives while also saving your skin from harsh, pore-clogging ingredients.

We’re cruelty-free.

In order to further protect the rights and lives of animals, we only use cruelty-free products in our boxes. 

Cruelty-free means none of the ingredients or products have been tested on animals at any point during the creation process.

More than
100 million animal lives are lost due to animal testing each year. Within that 100 million, 500,000 of those animals suffer and die from cosmetics testing alone. They face horrible conditions, abuse, and lethal testing all throughout their lives.

By using cruelty-free beauty, we’re preventing the inhumane treatment of our furry friends and saving tons of lives each year.

We don’t think beauty and animal lives should ever intersect, and we hope you feel the same way. Here, you can rest assured that no animals were harmed in the making of your beauty products.

We’re animal rights advocates and environmentalists.

Obviously, being 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free shows you how we feel about animal cruelty. And our founders Evanna Lynch, Daniella Monet, and Andrew Bernstein are long-time animal rights activists!

But we also care about this beautiful earth we share. We choose products with eco-friendly packaging to put in your boxes—whether that’s glass, wood, cardboard, biodegradable substances, or anything else of the sort. And because we send clean beauty products, there are no toxins being washed down your sink and ending up in the ocean, either. We really want to do our part in protecting and preserving this awesome planet and by subscribing, you’re helping us do just that!

Kinder Beauty also donates a portion of all sales to animal rights and environmental causes. So not only are you paying for amazing beauty products, you’re helping us change the world.

Most importantly, we’re a family.

Kinder Beauty is so much more than just a clean beauty box. 

Whether you’re a new subscriber or an old-timer, we’re always here for you. We created our private Facebook group for you to ask questions, share opinions and info, and tell us how you feel about the boxes. Our blog is an awesome education resource—full of dozens of pieces written by a multitude of writers, it’s the perfect place to read about all things ethical beauty.

When it comes down to it, we’re all here for each other on our clean beauty journeys. Together, we can change the world, one box at a time.


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