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A list of wellness shots curated by Kinder Beauty.

10 Wellness Shots You Need to Try Today

When you want to get your wellness on, there are so many things you can do.

Meditation, joining yoga classes, starting a gratitude journal—each of these things can help you achieve balance and healthfulness in your life. But, though they are worthy pursuits, these things can take time and effort. What about when you want something easier and more convenient that’s still super good for you?

Enter wellness shots: swig-sized juices that contain various ingredients known to have beneficial effects on the body and mind.  

While wellness shots certainly aren’t new, the interest in them these days is. Given everybody’s desire to optimize their immunity (against a certain pandemic), companies are turning out innovative, creative, and classic wellness shots at a record pace.

Health benefit claims of wellness shots run the gamut from improving gut health and fighting free radicals to decreasing stress and giving you more energy.

Not all of the claims companies make about their wellness shots have been scientifically proven, but it’s likely they will give you some type of a health boost, especially if they contain ingredients like turmeric, apple cider vinegar, ginger or wheatgrass, according to The Ohio State University Wexner Center in Columbus. The one caveat? Wellness shots aren’t designed to replace a healthy diet: no amount of wellness shots will overcome the negative effects of a junk food diet, even if it is vegan.

Wellness shots can be a handy way to consume more nutrients in your day, especially if you’re on the go or stuck in the office. And, bonus: they’re low in calories, ranging anywhere from 10 to 40 calories, and are small enough that you can stuff them into a backpack, purse or suitcase.

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Many wellness shots tend to be vegan by default—so you can enjoy these drinks while being kind to animals. 

Below, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite wellness shots that fit a healthy vegan lifestyle.


Mix these superfood powders with water and you’ve got an instant, on-the-go wellness shot in packaging that makes it easy to stuff into the smallest spaces. Choose from three different blends: Vitality, Sunshine, and Greens.  

GT’s Immortal Wellness Shots

If you love GT’s for its kombucha, then its wellness shots may be your favorite wellness find of the year. Whether you want to improve immunity, digestion or beauty, each of GT’s three shots gives your gut a powerful dose of 200 billion living probiotics, and each one comes in a two-ounce glass bottle.

Reed’s Wellness Ginger Shots

If you’re seeking the benefits of fresh, organic ginger, Reed’s has you covered. Its two wellness shots include 3,000 milligrams of organic pressed ginger. Daily Ginger is a caffeine-free shot while Ginger Energize contains 100 milligrams of natural caffeine from coffee beans and guarana. You don’t need to refrigerate these shots, and because they come in two-ounce plastic bottles, you can even carry them through TSA onto your next flight.

Remedy Organics

These plant-based immunity shots were created by a holistic nutritionist to help your body heal from the inside out. They come in four versions–Energize Me, Heal Me, Detoxify Me and Protect Me—and you can buy 12 packs of each two-ounce shot or a 24-shot variety pack.


When you need wellness on the go, consider Ryla’s plant-based immunity support blends. There are three flavors—orange strawberry, turmeric orange ginger black pepper, and ginger lemon cayenne—and each one contains 500 milligrams of vitamin C and organic fruits and spices. Because they’re in a powder format, they’re easy to travel with. Just mix with water.


You get nothing but organic fruits and herbs in Sol-ti’s shots, which come in glass bottles. There are two types: Classic SuperShot and the Hemp+ SuperShot. The Classic line offers five flavors while the hemp-infused line has two flavors. Which you choose may depend on your goals, as some feature anti-viral and immune-optimizing properties while others are designed to improve memory and energy.

Sunny Culture

You can get your probiotics in a pill or powder, or you can sip a Sunny Culture probiotic shot. The texture might surprise you, as these are actually sparkling beverages made with live water kefir cultures. But don’t worry: they’re vegan and even suitable for kids, as they don’t have any alcohol. And if you’re shying away because you’re not a kombucha fan, rest assured that these don’t have the same bite. Choose from four different flavors, including elderberry ginger, ginger lemon, lemon spirulina, and turmeric ginger. 

Three Hermits

If you’re an Ayurveda fan, this brand might hold special interest to you. Three Hermits believes strongly in the philosophy that food is medicine and incorporates Ayurvedic wisdom into the formulation of its three wellness shots. Choose from Turmeric + Nirgundi, Moringa + Ashwagandha, and Cinnamon + Fenugreek, each of which features a fruit and vegetable blend as the base.

Vive Organic

A leader in this field, Vive Organic features nine wellness shots that have been designed in collaboration with several holistic wellness doctors. Although each shot contains different ingredients, ginger is the highlight in each one. Concerned about single-use plastics? You’ll be glad to know that Vive’s plastic bottles are made from recycled plastic.    


Curcumin, the compound that gives turmeric its yellow color, is the main ingredient in ZYN’s wellness stick packs, each of which contains the same amount of curcumin as you’d find in 15 turmeric roots. There are four flavors to choose from, and you just mix the pack with water, making this perfect for all of your on-the-go adventures.

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