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The Best Vegan-Friendly, Cruelty-Free Deodorant

Have you ever stopped to think even once about what you’re pasting on your pits? We didn’t think so. Most of us aren’t incredibly kind to our underarms, and aside from picking a scent that combats the effects of a hot yoga class, we don’t consider what might be lurking inside our deodorant. 

The truth is, your underarms are home to some of the most sensitive, absorbent skin on your body. The ingredients in your favorite sweat-busting stick can deep-dive into your skin and even reach your bloodstream.  

Vegan deodorants are options for pit protection that keep you cool, confident, and safe. To find out which ones are also cruelty-free and environmentally safe, read on. 

Why should I shop cruelty-free? What about vegan? 

Even if you don’t consider yourself much of an animal rights activist, you probably wouldn’t intentionally purchase a product that puts a furry friend in harm’s way. Unfortunately, it can be tough to tell if your products are involved in animal testing unless they explicitly state they aren’t. 

What’s more, some products that claim to be cruelty-free may not be as animal friendly as they make themselves out to be. A deodorant manufacturer may claim “zero animal testing” on their packaging, but then turn around and hire third-party labs to do their dirty work. The actual manufacturer didn’t test on animals, but a third party did—it’s a horrible, sneaky loophole, and neither of those adjectives should be describing your deodorant maker. 

You may think the solution is to only shop for vegan products, but there’s a catch. Vegan products don’t contain animal parts or byproducts, but that doesn’t mean by default that the product wasn’t tested on animals. 

The safest option is to shop for products that are both vegan and cruelty-free, and those are exactly the kind of products you can find here at Kinder Beauty. 

Shop vegan and cruelty-free beauty products at Kinder Beauty.


Is vegan deodorant good for me?

That depends. Just because a product is vegan doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good for you. Oreos are vegan but you will probably never find them on the menu at your favorite vegan lunch spot—though we’re definitely not denying that they are an absolutely delicious vegan snack.

Vegan deodorants are usually made with ingredients you can actually read and recognize, typically being as natural and as close to their original state as possible. Instead of irritating your skin and clogging your pores with chemicals, you’ll get natural protection from clean skincare products that won’t harm your body or the environment. 

Here’s how vegan, cruelty-free deodorant works to keep your body (and your conscience) clean. 

It’s terrific for sensitive skin

The ingredients in non-vegan deodorants and antiperspirants can be harsh and irritating to the skin. If your skin is especially sensitive, traditional deodorants can lead to red, rashy, inflamed skin that burns and itches. 

Vegan and cruelty-free deodorants contain ingredients that are soothing to sensitive armpit skin. Many vegan options also include hydrating ingredients because your pit skin deserves good skincare, too. 

Shop clean, vegan beauty at Kinder Beauty.

It won’t leave yellow stains

It’s incredibly frustrating to realize your deodorant is leaving stains on your favorite shirts. The real culprit behind these stains is a combination of the salts in your own sweat paired with the aluminum in non-vegan antiperspirants. 

Aluminum is the most common ingredient in non-vegan antiperspirants. It works by filling your pores and prevents you from sweating. While this sounds like a pretty good theory, here’s a news flash: Our bodies are supposed to sweat, so using a product that uses a metal to prevent you from sweating isn’t exactly what nature had in mind. 

Aluminum and sweat combine and can stain your clothing with a brownish-yellow color that even the strongest laundry additive can’t remove. Trust us; we’ve tried. 

Vegan deodorant doesn’t contain aluminum so you can wear that stunning white sundress without fear (as long as it’s before Labor Day, of course). 

It’s better at blocking odor

It’s simple science. Ingredients in vegan deodorants are natural odor blockers. Baking soda, for instance, is known for its ability to absorb and neutralize odors. 

Vegan deodorants rely on the power of nature to combat odors that are also “natural.” Natural ingredients work synergistically with your body to keep you dry and prevent funky underarm bacteria from making you stink. 

It’s better for the planet

The ingredients in non-vegan deodorant are rarely environmentally friendly and are definitely not sustainable. We’re not saying every swipe of deodorant kills a tree, but the aluminum found in most antiperspirants is mined through a process that is incredibly taxing on the planet.  

Not only does aluminum mining destroy the natural vegetation surrounding the mine, but it’s also super energy-intensive, using a considerable amount of both water and electric power to convert Bauxite (an aluminum-containing ore) to the aluminum used in antiperspirants. 

We can do better for our bodies and the environment. 

Let’s take a look at vegan and cruelty-free deodorant options that will keep you cool and confident without mowing down Bambi’s meadow. 

Shop clean, vegan beauty products at Kinder Beauty!

Which vegan and cruelty-free deodorant brands work best?

You already trust us here at Kinder Beauty to bring you the brightest and best vegan products available, and you can bet we didn’t forget about your underarms—you’re welcome. 

Here are the vegan and cruelty-free deodorant brands we love.


Natural deodorants can feel pasty, but not Lavanila. This formula goes on velvety smooth and features beta-glucan technology that effectively breaks down the molecules in your sweat to prevent odor. Coconut oil and aloe prevent irritation and keep your underarms nourished. 

Native Deodorant

Native is an incredibly popular cruelty-free brand that uses baking soda and magnesium hydroxide to keep you dry without preventing you from sweating. A blend of probiotics fights odor and helps maintain healthy levels of skin-friendly bacteria. An added bonus: there are 12  amazing scents to choose from, and they come out with seasonal scents that are sure to rock your world (for a limited time only).

Herban Cowboy

Saddle up with this sage and rosemary vegan deodorant that goes on clear, absorbs quickly, and won’t leave residue on your clothing. Fans love the light, musky scent that won’t compete with cologne or perfume. This chemical-free deodorant is also long-lasting, and powerful enough for even the busiest of activities. 


If you’ve been burned (literally) by deodorants in the past, Kopari promises to give you serious protection against odor without those irritating ingredients that leave your skin begging for mercy. Kopari offers “skincare for the pits” with hydrating coconut water and coconut oil. Plus, people who can’t tolerate baking soda will love Kopari’s baking soda-free formula. 

Schmidt’s Deodorant

Schmidt’s offers a wide variety of scents that you’ll want to use on your entire body, not just your underarms. We recommend you warm their coconut and jojoba oil formula against your skin to soften it before you go to apply it. Once on, you can expect hours on end of odor and moisture protection. 

Rustic MAKA

Rustic MAKA offers several formulas (some that are baking soda-free) with an easy-glide stick application. Try the Biodome Pro formula, which contains prebiotic fibers to help nourish and protect your skin’s natural microbiome. You’ll get hours of protection and odor-fighting power available in several lighter-than-air scents. 

Ursa Major

Ursa Major offers vegan and cruelty-free deodorants for the true fragrance-free purist. If you’re not into scents, try the unscented Base Layer deodorant. This aluminum-free and baking soda-free formula keeps you dry and fights odor-causing bacteria without the unneeded perfume. There’s also a spritz-on formula for people who don’t like solid stick deodorant. 

Meow Meow Tweet

When you think armpits, Meow Meow Tweet will make you think luxury. This delicate, frosting-like cream formula feels lighter than air when applied, and absorbs quickly to keep you dry and fresh. Not to mention, it’s perfect for other areas of your body, too, like the feet and décolletage.


Crystal uses mineral salts to combat bacteria on your skin and neutralize odor. We love the fact that Crystal offers solid sticks, stones, sprays, and even roll-on options. No matter your preference, there’s a Crystal deodorant in a formula and scent to accommodate. 

Beat the heat with vegan, cruelty-free deodorant

You can stay dry and keep odor at bay without stuffing your pores with harsh chemicals and mystery fragrances. Thankfully, vegan, cruelty-free deodorant protects your pits and the planet with natural ingredients that work better than their traditional deodorant cousins. 


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