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6 Winter Looks That Let You Smile With Your Eyes (While You’re Wearing Your Mask)

6 Winter Looks That Let You Smile With Your Eyes (While You’re Wearing Your Mask)

When the pandemic hit, those of us who love wearing makeup quickly learned that our favorite lipsticks rub off when we wear our protective masks. (Some of us learned the hard way.)

Though we can still show off our perfectly painted pouts on Zoom, when we go out in public—for now, at least—the focus is on our eyes.

Luckily, there’s makeup to make our lids sparkly or sexy, shimmery or bright.

Or if you prefer to keep things simple, you can achieve a natural look that will make your eyes pop using shades that match your skin.

Here are 6 winter-ready makeup looks we can't get over.

1. Astronomical attention-grabbing lashes

Mascara is always great for putting lashes in the limelight, but we can turn up the volume on our winter makeup look to ten by swiping on a surprisingly shade. Try this winter white eyeshadow look with Lime Crime makeup’s Astronomical Volumizing Vegan Mascara in Nebula. The attention-grabbing mascara says it all for you when your mask is hiding your mouth.

2. Shimmering, glimmering wintertime eyes

The Alchemist Aurum Highlight Intensifier from Rituel de Fille is the ultimate highlighter for your highlighter. Using your fingertip, glide it on over your usual highlighter—on the inner corner of your eyes, your brow bones, just above your eyebrows, and down to your cheekbones. It will amplify the effect of your highlighter, giving a glow to those features that show above your mask. The Intensifier adds depth and a magical iridescent look to your highlighter, bringing a little bit of wonderland to your everyday wintertime life. 

3. Just the right amount of sparkle for the nature-lover

It’s still possible to make eyes pop while keeping things natural. Sometimes we want to stay a bit on the subtle side, with just a hint of sparkle. Chella Beauty has the perfect eyeshadow palette for an earthy look that lets you take the look into evening with a touch of drama. The La Vie Palette offers two neutral matte shades, along with two pearl shadows for a little bit of glam.

4. Show-stopping reds

When it comes to making a statement with eyeshadow, no color compares with red. Gone are the days when the fiery shade was reserved for lips and cheeks. Brushing red on one’s lids and in creases will set those icy winter nights on fire. The best news is that with advances made in the realm of vegan cosmetics, reds such as this gorgeous shadow from Elikya Beauty are no longer made using carmine (derived from crushed insects), as they were in the past. Today we can flaunt red-hot lids without causing harm to any living beings. (Pro tip: Keep the rest of your face neutral to draw attention to your fabulous lids, and use your concealer and foundation before applying the shadow. Add a bit of highlighter to your brow bone and brush on black mascara to complete your look).

5. Brightening up gray days

Why stop at red? You can brighten up any winter day with a surprising touch of color around your eyes. The Joshua Tree eyeshadow palette from Āether Beauty offers a rainbow of off-the-beaten path shades to choose from. Match them to your outfit, your mood, or your mask. A little bit of shades like Agave, a blue-green teal matte, brushed lightly onto your lids will help you forget those stormy skies.

6. Baby blues

Baby blue and pale turquoise eyeshadows have made a massive comeback. Applying either on lids (and gently in creases) offers a gorgeous ethereal mermaid-esque vibe. You may not be able to hit the beach in the next few wintery months, but with these shades, you can pretend your next shopping trip is an adventure under the sea. The blues used for this look can be found in IBY Beauty’s Enlighten Palette.


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Maya Gottfried is the author of books for children and adults, including Our Farm: By the Animals of Farm Sanctuary and Vegan Love: Dating and Partnering for the Cruelty-Free Gal.


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