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The Ultimate Clean Beauty Gift Guide-Kinder Beauty

The Ultimate Clean Beauty Gift Guide

Black Friday was much quieter this year as many Americans opted out of in-person Black Friday shopping in favor of shopping online. Eerily, it looked very similar to a normal work day as we were all hunched over our computers, pissed that our internet was not working, and downing our second (OK, third!) cup of coffee at an ungodly early hour. Yawn.

Eight months into a pandemic, the last thing we have plenty of is brain power; yet we still want to put our energy into the holidays in order to spoil our family, friends, and colleagues.

But what do we get the person who has, hates, or re-gifts everything?

We put together a gift guide featuring our favorite cruelty-free and vegan brands and collections, so that you can look like you put in actual thought and effort (when all you really had to do was click a few buttons ... we won't tell!). Now that’s the real magic of the holiday season.

For the cruelty-free beauty newbie: Kinder Faves Collection

Is there someone in your life that is still knee-deep in drugstore favorites packed with ingredients that are no good for their body, the animals, or the environment? This is the ideal collection to get them on the right track.

Kinder Faves Collection

For the Anglophile who is obsessed with everything from Jane Austin to afternoon tea: The Spa Ritual “Earl Grey, Please” Collection

This unisex earl grey-scented body creme and polish is the perfect duo for someone who already has a shirt, mug, and bookbag adorned with a quote from Pride and Prejudice.

spa ritual

For the aunt whose birthdays only descend since she turned 50: Fountain of Youth Collection

Your aunt is always trying out new diets, skincare ingredients, fitness classes, and sometimes unnatural options to maintain and enhance her beauty. Let her know that this Fountain of Youth Collection, a.k.a. The Herbal Youth Set by Snow Fox Skincare, is her new perfect anti-aging remedy that is like a green smoothie for her skin!

snow fox skincare

For the person who loves to wear a full face of makeup, even at the grocery store: Lavido Deep Detox Clay Mask

Our skin absorbs everything from the makeup we put on to the toxins in our neighborhood. For the person who loves to apply foundation, powders, sunscreens, and every color from their eyeshadow palette all at once, treat them to Lavido’s Deep Detox Clay Mask before their skin officially disappears underneath all of the layers of product.

lavido mask

For the person experiencing a cold-a** winter in the Midwest: Booda Butter Daily Moisturizer

Booda Butter’s Daily Moisturizer is the ideal gift for anyone needing to rehab their skin. No matter their age, gender, or skin type, this simple cocoa formula will be a hit as a stocking stuffer or in an anonymous gift exchange, especially in cities with colder climates.

booda butter

For the lipstick-obsessed: Liptastic Collection

You know the person: the one who insists on wearing lipstick underneath their mask. If they cannot leave the house without a full lip, they will love this duo of INIKA Organics and Folly Fire.

INIKA Organics Lipstick Crayon

For the brother who arrives home from college with laundry you can smell before he walks in the door: The Owl in a Towel Bergamot Hand Sanitizer and Moisturizer

Your brother needs some help in the scent department. Why not help him smell better and help him stay safe at school with this large bergamot sanitizer paired with a balsam fir hand cream?

owl in a towel

For the person who is trying to be more zero waste, but has only done so by buying 10 Corkcicle canteens they keep misplacing: The UpCircle Ultimate Sustainable Beauty Collection

Encourage their thoughtful intentions of becoming more zero waste by investing in their sustainable journey via this UpCircle beauty collection. Just tell them not to lose your gift as these items are some of the best we have ever tried at Kinder Beauty.

upcircle beauty

For the person who has their bathroom mirror covered with affirmation post-its: Dear Self “I Am Gleaming” Moisturizer

This Kinder favorite vitamin-packed moisturizer will seamlessly fit into anyone’s morning and evening routine of self-care, meditation, or affirmations.

dear self

For the person that insists taking a Vinyasa yoga flow class will solve all of your problems: Spayurvedic Collection 

After their yoga class where they attempt to heal from the inside out, gift them the 8-1 rejuvenating facial oil to help heal their skin from the outside in. 

nourish mantra

For the early bird father who thinks that building a bookcase at 6am on a Saturday is a great idea: AM Collection

Whether this father is an early riser by choice, because of children, or due to anxiety, he can certainly use a great eye cream and this 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream is a Kinder beauty favorite. Paired with a delicious latte, an uplifting aromatherapy roll-on, and energizing mist, you will gift this amazing pop a much needed pep in his step.

am collection

For the mother who is in desperate need of “me” time after struggling to get their kid to eat more than just chick’n nuggets for dinner: PM Collection

Treat the mommas you know to the gift of slumber. In this collection, she will get to enjoy an aromatherapy roll-on, a sleep tincture, bath salts, and a luxurious lavender face oil.

pm collection


For the person who can’t be tamed but has curls that need to be: Loba Mane Collection

Curls are fabulous, but they can be tough to manage. Encourage your loved one to embrace their natural hair by gifting them the Loba Mane Hair Cleanser and Styling Cream duo that will bring their beautiful, bouncy curls back to life.

loba mane

For the person who is still sharing photos from their life-changing trip to Morocco last year: Amal Beauty Collection

Amal Beauty’s Argan Oil and Moroccan Orange Blossom Facial Water make the ultimate gift for the beauty lover who loves to enjoy luxurious skincare that reminds them of their favorite spas around the world.

amal beauty

For the teacher, nurse, daycare worker, or anyone who deserves some self-care after 2020: Kinder Beauty’s Magnolia, Gardenia, and Peony Collections

We all know an essential worker who has been giving it their all this year. Treat them to one, or more, of our collections they may have missed featuring products such as Little Moon Essentials mineral bath salts, Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch, Au Naturale’s Anywhere Creme Multistick in Daiquiri, Habit Cosmetics Multi-Use Color, Chella’s Eyebrow Defining Gel, and so much more.

peony collection

For the person who needs to purchase everything in a match set: Bountiful Berry Beauty Bundle from Delia Organics

Some products are best used as a set, and Delia Organics not only functions better this way, but looks fabulous doing so. The extra boost of berry is an added bonus to this incredible collection.

delia organics

For the person who always asks about the gift receipt: Kinder Beauty Box Gift Cards

If you are tired of putting effort into a present only for the receiver to ask where to return it, gift them something they cannot return to encourage them to branch out of their comfort zone. Hopefully this will encourage them to try clean, cruelty-free, and vegan beauty options this year!

Kinder Beauty Gift Cards

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