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✨ JUST DROPPED ✨ See what's in the December Beauty Box

The TGI2021 Collection-Kinder Beauty

The TGI2021 Collection

At Kinder Beauty, we believe in growth, but we also believe that you are already enough. The products we provide to you are for self-care and expression, not a means to encourage you to constantly change to meet other’s wishes and standards.

Whether you are the kind of person who loves to take advantage of New Year’s resolutions as a way to jump-start your fully packed to-do list, or whether you are enjoying the winter months cuddling up on the couch with your dog and watching Netflix, Kinder Beauty's TGI2021 Collection will not disappoint. We sourced six super-special items for you so you can stay healthy and happy this season.

Whether you receive this box or The TLC2021 Collection will be left up to chance. And we call that win-win!

Kinder Beauty TGI2021 January Beauty Box

The TGI2021 Collection features a Kinder Beauty-favorite brand, a rosehip oil used by the Duchess of Cambridge, a cult favorite natural deodorant, and more.

We know you are excited to see what you are getting, so let us dive into TGI2021.

(Check out the sister box, The TLC2021 Collection.)


Kopari: Mini Deodorant in Beach (Retail Value: $10.00)

Kopari Mini Deodorant in Beach

Kopari likes to describe its deodorant as “skincare for the pits,” as it will soothe even the most sensitive skin. Enjoy this blend of coconut water, coconut oil, and sage oil—ethically sourced from small family farms in the Philippines. This special aluminum-free and baking soda-free blend will help provide odor protection, while also helping break down odor-causing bacteria. Whether you are breaking a sweat during a HIIT class at home or enjoying a calm walk outside, you can rest assured that people will only want to social distance out of respect, not because you smell like you are wearing a natural deodorant from the 70s.

Trilogy: Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ (Retail Value: $7.50)

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+

If you are the kind of person who loves to try celebrity favorite skincare products, this oil is for you! Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil Antioxidant Plus is Kate Middleton’s (a.k.a. The Duchess of Cambridge!) favorite face oil, as well as the Best Face Oil award winner by Allure Clean Beauty 2020. This oil helps hydrate, nourish, and brighten your skin, reduce signs of aging, and improve the look of your skin tone. It is also is one of the best oils we have tried in-house!

Ellovi: Body Butter in Tangerine (Retail Value: $32.00)

Ellovi Body Butter in Tangerine

Ellovi is a Kinder Beauty favorite for a reason! In this month's box, we are sending you this company's epic luxurious body butter that has more potential uses than it has ingredients! This water-free formula can be used all over your body as a healing balm, massage oil, tattoo cream, hair mask, stretch mark preventer, makeup remover, and more. The Tangerine scent is also Evy’s favorite!

Vianek: Gentle Face Mask (Retail Value: $4.00)

Vianek Gentle Face Mask

The combination of sensitive and irritation-prone skin can be difficult to treat. If this describes your skin troubles, we just found your new favorite face mask. This gorgeous red kaolin-based face mask is formulated with natural minerals such as magnesium, zinc, calcium, and iron, to absorb excess sebum and oxygenate the skin. Regular use will boost your skin’s resistance to irritants, even out your skin tone, and reduce blemishes. 

INIKA ORGANICS: Certified Organic Eye Pencil in Assorted Shades (Retail Value: $22.00)

INIKA ORGANICS Certified Organic Eye Pencil

The bottom half of our face will still have to be covered in public for months to come, so this is the time to have fun with your eye looks! With INIKA Organics's organic eye pencils, you can get creative with different liner shapes, thickness, and shading with their soft and blendable formula. Kinder Beauties will get one of their many assorted shades including Gold Khaki and Emerald.

PlantFusion: Collagen Beauty in Watermelon (Retail Value: $2.39)

 PlantFusion Collagen Beauty in Watermelon

While skincare ads may address the look of your skin on the outside, there is no doubt that what you eat goes hand in hand with how your skin looks and feels. This is why we’re excited to share this single-use, edible item by PlantFusion. It can not only build new collagen, but can also assist the protection of existing collagen! Instead of improving the look of your skin by ingesting the skin of another animal, PlantFusion delivers plant-based, non-GMO ingredients that help hydrate your skin and joints while protecting yourself from harmful toxins and rays—and it tastes delicious!


TGI2021 is packed with comforting basics that will help your skin feel rejuvenated during a time of year when the air is dry, cold, and filled with both external and internal stressors. Stay inside in style with these gorgeous items, worth more than $80—yours for just $25 or less!

No matter which version of Kinder Beauty January Box you get—The TLC2021 Collection or The TGI2021 Collection—you will be receiving a total of six items worth more than $80

Once the box arrives at your doorstep, do not forget to snap a pic and share it in on Instagram, tagging us using @KinderBeautyBox and #kinderbeautybox. 

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