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The Poppy Collection (December 2020: Box 2 of 2)-Kinder Beauty

The Poppy Collection (December 2020: Box 2 of 2)

Have you been championing your own self-care this season? In the early fall, we gave you the best of the basicsacne patches, moisturizers, hair serums, black liquid eyeliner, a killer eyeshadow palette, and so much more—that we hope you've been putting to good use. So how can we end the year with a bang? 

In The Poppy Collection, we’ve included a coffee scrub, a night cream, and the tools to give you the perfect winter smokey eye. 

After a long year of ups and downs, we wanted to treat our Kinder Beauty subscribers to an extraordinary value for December. Both boxes are worth more than $100, and you’ll be spending as little as $23 to get it delivered to your doorstep.

Are we crazy? Nah, we just love our Kinder Beauties.

Want to see what’s inside? Keep reading to see what’s in The Poppy Collection.

(Check out her sister box, The Orchid Collection.)


Dirty Lamb: Coffee Scrub (Retail Value: $30)

dirty lamb coffee scrub kinder beauty

While drinking coffee in the morning may not be for everyone, you can always use coffee to amplify your skincare routine—using coffee grounds in a scrub! Dirty Lamb’s Coffee Scrub is made with 100% Arabica Coffee that stimulates your lymphatic system, which is ideal for combating cellulite. The scrub will also combat inflammation, leave you silky smooth, and energize you to start each day boldly and kindly.

Save Skincare: Anti-Pollution Sleeping Mask (Retail Value: $23)

save skincare anti pollution kinder beauty

How many hours did you spend looking at screens this week? Go ahead, we’ll wait while you count ... and that’s why this anti-pollution sleeping mask is something so many of us need desperately. This mask will hydrate your skin and reduce the visibility of the damaging effects of environmental factors, such as pollution, UV light, and blue light.

Kinder Beauty Eyeshadow Brush Set (Retail Value: $20)

Kinder Beauty Eyeshadow Brush Set

Elle Woods may say “bend and snap,” but with these tools we can say “blend and shade!” With our custom-made two brush set, we give you the tools to apply and blend your eyeshadows with confidence. Upgrade your eye looks from basic to bold in an instant.

IBY Beauty: Eyeshadow in Dance Party or Backstage (Retail Value: $6)

iby beauty backstage kinder beauty

IBY Beauty has a whole range of jaw-dropping colors in stunning palettes, but full palettes aren’t ideal for everyday touch-ups and travel. IBY Beauty’s line is very affordable and these shades also happen to be gluten-free! We chose a few of our favorite shades and included them in both the Orchid and Poppy collections! 

K Voss: Perfecting Potion (Retail Value: $28)

K Voss Perfecting Potion

Your eyeshadow cannot shine if you don’t use a prime...r, so we included one of our favorites! Kinder Beauties have already shown their love for K Voss, so they’re back for a second feature this year. This potion is boosted with sage extract and sea kelp to create an ultra-thin formula that naturally adjusts to your own skin tone, while also delivering vitamin-rich moisture to your skin. Enjoy your smooth, primed skin without worrying if it will clog up your pores or become cakey.


Our Kinder Beauty Team spends months putting together the perfect collections for our Kinder Beauties and we hope we make you proud.

Regardless of whether you get The Orchid Collection or The Poppy Collection, we know you’ll find products you love and that you’ll want to share in our Facebook group. If you haven’t joined yet, what’s stopping you? Share your photos, opinions, and suggestions! We always want to hear what you think. What are your thoughts on The Poppy Collection? 

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out The Orchid Collection which is equally terrific.

Sign up for as little as $23 a month before December 1st and we’ll make sure one of these boxes has your name on it!

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