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The Magnolia Collection (October 2020: Box 1 of 2)-Kinder Beauty

The Magnolia Collection (October 2020: Box 1 of 2)

Here at Kinder Beauty, we’re excited for it to feel like fall! We can say goodbye to heat waves, overcrowded beaches, and wildfires, and finally say hello to hygge, nights by the fire snuggling our dogs, and pumpkin spice flavored ... everything.

With this time of year comes the start of brisk temperatures and a switch in our wardrobes—which in 2020 might only be an upgrade to actually wearing pants. Regardless of your fall style, we’ve included a few of our favorite items to help your skin retain moisture after exposure to wind, and a special makeup item to hold your beautiful eyebrows in place.

For our October boxes, we’ve brought back a few of your favorite brands and are introducing you to a few new potential fan favorites, so we know you’ll simply adore both versions. All Kinder Beauty subscribers will be surprised with the version they receive, but we assure you both versions are equally fabulous.

And now ... we reveal The Magnolia Collection!


100% Pure: Deep Hydration Sheet Mask (Retail Value: $6)

magnolia collection october 2020 kinder beauty - 100 percent pure deep hydration sheet mask

This natural sheet mask is packed with all the goodies and leaves out all the baddies. Experience soothing aloe, cucumber, hyaluronic acid, and plant ceramides that will both refresh and nourish your skin. You will also love that it’s made from sustainable, antibacterial bamboo cloth and is free of harsh fragrances and chemical preservatives. Prepare to have skin that looks soft and supple. You’ll look like you had a full night of sleep, even if you didn’t!

Nourish Mantra: Urban Rani Facial Serum (Retail Value: $48)

magnolia collection october 2020 kinder beauty - nourish mantra urban rani serum

Experience the luxury of this lightweight formula with fortifying plant-based AHAs, vitamins B3 and C, as well as other natural botanicals. Use this serum to combat skin fatigue from pollutants in your everyday life, while also targeting blemishes and dark spots. While you’re in front of the mirror, why not throw in a new daily mantra such as “I am wonderful,” or “I am strong” to start your day off in an encouraging way.


Vivaiodays: Rose Geranium Cleansing Water (Retail Value: $16)

Vivaiodays Rose Geranium Cleansing Water

Multi-use products are not only a lifesaver for our wallets, but also for our time. You can use this special item as a cleanser (with no need for an after rinse), in place of a sanitizer, and even as a makeup remover! You will love how many ways you can use this product. The more the merrier!

Chella: Eyebrow Defining Gel in Clear (Retail Value: $20)

magnolia collection october 2020 kinder beauty - chella eyebrow gel

Great eyebrows require a bit of maintenance, but not everyone needs to or wants to color in their brows every day. This is a great alternative for minimalist beauties or a great gel to lock in a bolder eyebrow look. With this eyebrow gel, all you need is a few brush strokes to look sleek and styled. We’ll raise a glass to your raised, and perfectly arched, eyebrows.  

Pure Aura: Paper Cloud [Dry Skin] (Retail Value: $5.00)

Pure Aura Paper Cloud


Make traveling a breeze with this compact face cleansing foam and makeup remover! It’s a small, oil-free cleansing sheet that magically transforms when you add water. Work the cleansing sheet into a lather and massage onto your face! Cleansing sheets come in a resealable bag that fits just about anywhere.


Now that we’ve got you excited about The Magnolia Collection, we’re stoked to introduce you to our second version, The Iris Collection!

Both collections are worth at least $88. We cannot wait to spoil you with the best of cruelty-free, clean, and vegan beauty. Sign up for as little as $23 a month before October 1st and we’ll reserve one just for you!

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