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The Essential Stay-at-Home Beauty Routine-Kinder Beauty

The Essential Stay-at-Home Beauty Routine

When was the last time you put on a full face of makeup? Curled your hair? Shaved your legs? While it’s tempting to let our normal beauty routines slide during self-isolation, there are a few simple practices we can maintain to ensure we look as fabulous coming out of self-isolation as we did going in. Follow these five basic tips to look and feel fantastic—even if it’s just for your cat.  

1. Master the minimalist makeup look

Even under stay-at-home orders, many of us still want to put our best face forward for Zoom meetings and Facetimes with friends. Streamline your normal makeup routine by going the minimalist route. Typically, moisturizer, a bit of concealer, and a touch of eye accentuation with mascara and liner is all you need. Swap fussy lipstick for a tinted balm and you’re golden. 

Try: Dear Self Skincare's I Am Gleaming

2. Maintain your skincare routine

One day, we’ll socialize again, and when that day comes, we want our skin to look as dewy and fresh as it looked pre-isolation. While a few beauty maintenance routines are fine to shirk off (who shaves anymore?), skincare is not one of them. No matter your age, moisturizer is essential. Every. Single. Day. It supports healthy, naturally gorgeous skin so you can rock that minimalist makeup look—or even go without. 

Try: Franklin & Whitman / Walnut Hill Facial Serum (featured in the May 2020 Kinder Beauty box)

3. Give your hair a break

Washing and styling can do serious damage on your hair, and yet, most of us continue to tame our locks into submission via daily washing, heating tools, and stiff gels and sprays. Let your hair exist in its natural, beautiful state and allow it to heal during this time. If it’s truly unruly and you have a Zoom meeting or you’re going out for a run, use a soft, fabric hair tie that won’t damage your hair when scooped into a ponytail. When this is over, your hairdresser will be impressed with the health of your hair. 

Try: EvolvH's InstaVolume Cleansing Treatment

4. Floss

You’ve heard it from your dentist, and now we’re telling you, too. It’s annoying and it’s a hassle—we know—but it takes two minutes and it can do wonders for your smile. Beauty isn’t just about products, it’s about health. When we look healthy, we don’t need to rely on products to cover up unhealthy-looking flaws. Use this time to develop a flossing habit so that you can honestly tell your dentist “Yes, I floss every day,” during your next checkup. 

Try: Package-Free Refillable Vegan Dental Floss

5. Paint your nails

Salons have been closed for weeks, and we’ve let our perfectly polished nails get cracked without much of a care. Who’s looking, right? You are. Remember the joy of getting your nails done as a kid with your mom? That’s what we’re after. Glancing down and seeing a fresh coat of paint in a color that makes you smile can elevate your mood. If your work typically restricts you to bare or subdued colors, now is the time to let loose. Choose the boldest, most audacious color that makes you happy. Remember, beauty is for you. 

Try: Gloss Naturals Amethyst Star

(Pro-tip: We also love Delia Organic Nail & Cuticle Oil—featured in the April 2020 Kinder Beauty beauty box.)


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Tanya Flink is a writer and fitness enthusiast living in Orange County, CA.

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