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Best Clean & Natural Perfumes

There’s nothing more thrilling than finding a perfume that will become your signature scent. Think of your fragrance as part of your personal style—it’s the perfect finishing touch to any ensemble and announces your presence right as you walk into a room. 

There are so many reasons why wearing perfume can majorly impact others’ impression of you. That’s why it’s crucial to choose the right perfume—one that will smell lovely and feel good to use, too. 

When’s the last time you ever considered the contents of your perfume? Can you name a single ingredient that went into the fragrance that sits on your skin every day? If your answers to those questions are “never” and “I’m not sure,” it’s time to look elsewhere for a clean, natural perfume. You can always make your own—but if you want something delivered right to your door, we’ve got you covered. 

At Kinder Beauty, we know that the right perfume can give you a little extra oomph to take on your day. We also know how important it is to be a conscientious consumer and thoughtfully curate the items in your beauty bag.

Today we’re going to share some insight on the best natural and clean perfumes around. First, we’ll discuss the potential dangers and drawbacks of traditional perfume. Then, we’ll talk about why choosing a natural fragrance is important. Finally, we’ll share one of our favorite brands that creates scents you won’t forget.

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What are the dangers of regular perfume?

There are around 4,000 chemicals used to scent perfume products. However, you’ll rarely find any of these listed even if you do attempt to read a label because a fragrance formulation is considered a “trade secret.” 

In other words, perfume makers are exempt from disclosing what a fragrance contains—yes, even to manufacturers or regulators. 

If you check out a bottle of perfume that’s not specified as clean, you’ll find the word “fragrance” listed. This doesn’t disclose the myriad of chemicals that it takes to create that scent. Terrifyingly enough, one scent can contain anywhere between 50 and 300 chemicals—and that’s far too many for us. 

This isn’t the only alarming fact. We’re even more disturbed by the fact that no state, federal, or global authorities regulate how safe the chemicals that go into fragrance are. Companies can essentially toss whatever they want into their products without disclosing how they’ve created them. 

A 2018 study tested 140 personal care and cleaning brands for toxic chemicals. An alarming three quarters of the toxic chemicals detected were from “fragrance.” These chemicals were linked to chronic health issues. The evidence is clear: You need to know what manufacturers are putting into their perfume, and if you don’t—run. 

Why is choosing a natural and clean perfume important?

The best way to protect yourself from the chemicals that appear in fragrances is by choosing fragrances that don’t have these chemicals present in the first place—a little obvious, we know. That means selecting a natural, clean perfume that is transparent about its ingredients. 

Choosing a natural or clean perfume is important because, when you do so, you’re taking steps to safeguard your health. You wouldn’t eat a meal with ambiguous ingredients that the chef refuses to disclose, would you? It’s time to apply that same level of care to the fragrance that you choose. 

Perfume Bottle

Your perfume sticks around on your skin for hours, and plenty of people use it daily. That’s why we’re so passionate about helping you select a perfume that you can feel comfortable with every time you apply it. 

There’s no reason to get a headache over what hidden chemicals are lurking in your perfume. There are plenty of cleaner options that smell even better than the chemically-created products that line the shelves of department stores. 

Plus, as a consumer, you have the ability to make a statement with where you put your money. If you refuse to buy perfume from retailers who don’t disclose the chemicals that lurk within, a movement towards greater transparency with fragrance ingredients can begin. 

What’s one of the best natural and clean perfume brands?

At Kinder Beauty, there are few things we love as much as finding new brands to share with our subscribers. That’s why we’re thrilled to give you the scoop on a natural and clean perfume company we know you’ll adore. 

We’re all about using clean, vegan beauty products that won’t harm the earth and are entirely cruelty-free, and you’ll see that reflected in the products we curate in our fan-favorite subscription boxes—including the brand that we’re about to share with you.

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All about Inkling

Allow us to introduce you to Inkling. This family-run business sits on a small farm and uses organic ingredients from its on-site garden. We’re huge fans of Inkling because the brand is committed to creating exceptional fragrances that won’t harm you or the Earth.

Inkling has similar values to Kinder Beauty, and that’s another reason we’re such huge fans of this brand. Inkling values beauty, luxury, and elegance, but also knows how important it is to live a life in harmony with the Earth and our own bodies. This means treating both the planet and ourselves with kindness.

Inkling’s perfumes and colognes are created with 100% pure essential and perfume oils. They’re ideal for health-conscious consumers like us who want to be sure that what they’re putting on our bodies is safe. These fragrances are also ideal for people with allergies or sensitivities thanks to their complete transparency. 

Another reason we know you’ll love Inkling’s products is because of the application experience. When you put on your perfume, you’ll notice that it doesn’t evaporate. That’s because it’s formulated without alcohol. Instead, the oil will gently soak into the skin for a fragrance that lasts longer and is better for your skin. 

If you need more proof about just how much we love these fragrances, consider the fact that we included Inkling Roll-On Scents in our April beauty boxes

Perhaps best of all, when you support this brand, you’re supporting artisans who love creating clean, everyday, luxurious products.

Two bottles of perfume

What are some of Inkling’s scents?

Inkling offers a variety of scents so you can experiment to see which one suits you. Our co-founder Daniella Monet loves Unify!

Inkling creates fragrances that smell earthy yet luxurious, delicate yet strong. It’s just a matter of finding which scent you like the most. If you’re looking for an introduction to Inkling’s fragrances, we suggest trying their sample pack, which includes six earthy scents. 

Inkling makes masculine, feminine, and unisex smells, so there really is something for everyone. We guarantee that once you try an Inkling fragrance, you’re going to be just as hooked as we are. There’s nothing better than smelling sublime and feeling comfortable that you’re wearing a perfume that’s actually safe to wear.

Go natural with your scent

For perfume aficionados and newbies alike, try Inkling if you’re looking for a fragrance that will smell sweet without a concoction of toxins. 

If you’re looking for an introduction to other natural, cruelty-free, vegan cosmetics, consider subscribing to the Kinder Beauty Box. Each month, we curate products that meet our strict standards for quality and contain clean, ethical ingredients. Then, we ship them right to you. 

Find your clean fragrance in the world of vegan beauty today with Kinder Beauty. 



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