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The 7 Most Hydrating Cruelty-Free Skin Savers

Oh, hey, winter! Why, yes, we’ll take those cozy fireplace curl-up sessions, comfy sweaters and socks, and all the dairy-free hot chocolate you can offer. Thank you very much. But the dry, chapped, and raw flaky winter skin? Oh, you can keep that. 

Whether you’re spending winter in Norway or New York, the blustery cold and windy temps can rise and drop dramatically (especially overnight). Add to that all of that the dry indoor heating and it can send your skin into a bumpy, dry, itchy, red tailspin. And if you’re already prone to breakouts from heavy moisturizers and lotions, it may seem like hibernation is your best choice.  Fortunately, these hydrating skin products can help boost moisture, balance skin tone, all while banishing redness and breakouts. 

1. Pacifica Wake Up Beautiful

This lux overnight mask from Pacifica is like a hydration vacation for your face. Slather it on before bedtime, and like the name of the product suggests, you’ll wake up to a (more) beautiful you. Packed with the skin-loving lipids, antioxidants, and botanicals designed to hydrate without leaving your skin feeling greasy. No need to rinse off; just get on with your best winter ever.

2. Yes to Cucumbers Cooling Hydrating Primer Stick

Take hydration with you wherever you go with this easy-to-use hydration stick. Use it under makeup to even out skin tone, blur pores, and reduce the shininess from over-moisturizing. Or, use it on its own for perfectly supple skin. Not only does it help deliver emollient plant moisture, but it’ll soothe problem dry spots in no time. 

3. SpaRitual Hydrating Mist

Don’t fear the mist! Just like all the yummy plants you eat, your face needs regular exposure to moisture, too. While oils will lock moisture in, you can spritz yourself into hydration, too—pre- or post-oil applications. Easy-peasy! The SpaRitual Hydrating Mist is perfect for a quick boost to keep your skin from drying out. It’s loaded with soothing aloe and fragrant vanilla. Use liberally for skin that stays soft all day long.

4. ECOLIXIR  Daily Facial Oil

Keep your skin in tip-top shape with a daily oil blend from the people behind EcoLips. This oil is meant for use after your morning or evening cleansing to lock in moisture with its rich array of vegan oils and skin-loving botanicals. It’s also loaded with vitamin C, which will fight free radicals from causing more damage to your delicate winter skin. 

5. John Masters Organics Calendula Hydrating And Toning Mask

For when you’re feeling like your skin needs something extra-extra, indulge with a rich face mask. This John Masters Calendula mask is made for deep hydration and skin toning. Loaded with aloe and spirulina, your skin will drink up every drop as it locks in moisture and gives you a pore-perfect glow.

6. Odacite All-Embracing Serum Watermelon + Hibiscus

Is anything more hydrating than watermelon? It’s the go-to for summer hydrating and it should be in winter as well. This light oil blend is perfect for the most sensitive skin types, delivering natural relief from red, itchy, flaky, dry skin. 

7. Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish

For that all-over hydration, coconut oil is where it’s at. Take this body polish to every corner of your body temple to massage away redness, irritation, and dry, cracking skin. The combination of coconut oil and rose petals will make you feel like you’re as far away from winter as possible. Even works wonders on flaky, dry scalps, too.

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