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The 7 Biggest Beauty Trends for Spring 

This spring, it’s the maximalist makeup lover’s time to shine. These beauty trends for spring are going to inspire you.

But even if you haven’t yet ventured to the bold side with your makeup, these seasonal trends will give you an excuse to get out of your comfort zone. After all, there’s something about the change of seasons that inspires us to take the plunge into all the beauty inspiration we’ve seen on the red carpet, our Instagram feed, or the person sitting next to us on the subway.

There’s never been a better time to be playful with your makeup.

From multi-shade palettes, bold lipsticks, and glossy skin enhancers, current trends are not only accessible but they’re also shifting toward sustainability, cruelty-free, and personal health—which we’re digging.

Keep scrolling for the seven best spring 2020 beauty trends you’re going to want to start wearing now.

1. Eye-catching eyeshadow

While clean, vegan makeup brands tend to be more muted with a focus on neutrals and earth tones, many are now shifting into spring trends with bold looks inspired by pop culture. This season, we’re seeing neon shadows and shimmery eye looks, as well as watercolor hues that are soft and evocative. Choosing a single bright color for a statement wash over your lids instantly adds playfulness and drama. Pair it with a jet black eyeliner for definition and a neutral lipgloss for a truly unforgettable look. 

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2. Classic blue makeup

We are completely obsessed with the 19-4052 Classic Blue that was announced as Panton’s Color of the Year for 2020. This midnight blue hue is perfect for glamorous makeup looks, shadowing the blue eyeshadow trend of the ‘80s. This year, it first popped up on the runways, and then singer Dua Lipa embraced the trend at the Grammy’s with a glamorous smokey baby blue eye look and we couldn’t take our eyes off her. To achieve the look, simply swipe a light base over your entire lid, blending in above the crease—and if you’re adventurous enough, follow underneath your lower lashes, too.

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3. Glossy skin

Perhaps the most wearable look of the season, glossy makeup is among the top beauty trends you should experiment with. Suitable for warmer spring and summer days, this look aims to bring out the natural beauty of your complexion by using lighter base products. The first step in achieving this seemingly simple look is staying on top of your skincare routine because the whole point is to let your healthy skin shine through. For ultra-glossy skin, skip the powder highlighter and use a vegan high-shine cream formulated with natural ingredients to give you that healthy post-yoga look.

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4. Fluffy brows

Bold, fluffy brows aren’t going anywhere. But this season also sees the arrival of dewy brows—think healthy, lived-in brows with a wet, sumptuous finish. The key is to not overpluck, and enhance your natural brow shape with a pencil if necessary. Use a clear eyebrow gel to add subtle definition and gloss, creating a wispy yet polished look.

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5. SPF finishing spray

We’ve all heard the most important piece of beauty advice is to apply sunscreen every single day. But sometimes that’s easier said than done because applying sunscreen over makeup is a hassle. Fortunately, this season, brands are introducing non-toxic SPF finishing sprays that can easily be spritzed over your face after makeup application. Alternatively, incorporate a tinted moisturizer with SPF into your beauty routine, which can be used in place of foundation.

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6. Non-toxic perfumes

The environmental impact of our buying choices has become a key trend everywhere, and the fragrance industry is no exception. We’re seeing more brands up their game with natural, essential-oil-based scents rather than using toxic chemicals of years past. And since the beginning of spring means fresh flowers, citrus fruits, and fresh-cut grass, the seasonal scents follow with blends that capture the excitement of spring.

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7. Bold lips

This season, rich, opaque lips in classic colors were seen all over the runway—but with a vinyl shine finish to make them modern. With this look, leaving a neutral face allows for the lips to speak for themselves. It’s all about the brilliant shine. And this season, rich reds are where it’s at. Go for a rich red lip with a vinyl shine finish that puts a modern spin on a classic trend.

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Nicole Axworthy is a Toronto-based writer and author of the vegan cookbook DIY Vegan. 

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