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✨ JUST DROPPED ✨ See what's in the December Beauty Box

REVEALED: The January Beauty Box Will Help You Start Your Year Off With Self-LOVE, TLC, and Gorgeousness 

REVEALED: The January Beauty Box Will Help You Start Your Year Off With Self-LOVE, TLC, and Gorgeousness 

Kinder Beauties, you’re in for such a treat with the new January box. It’s the New Year, a time when so many of us are starting fresh and aiming to be our best selves possible—which most definitely involves slowing down, being intentional with what we consume (which includes what we put on our skin), and giving ourselves the self-care we deserve to truly thrive … and to look amazing while we’re at it!
The first Kinder Beauty box of 2020—valued at $86.99, but you can buy it for just $24!—is exactly what you need to start this year off on the right foot. And darlings: This will sell out, so get yours ASAP. We truly are so excited for you to try it! 

Here’s what’s included in this totally epic Kinder Beauty January box:

Lotte Naturals Morgan Eye Serum (Retail Value: $17)

Lotte Naturals Morgan Eye Serum

We love a good de-puffing eye serum, which is why we’re obsessed with the Lotte Naturals Morgan Serum. It’s specifically formulated to be used in the morning to make you look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, regardless of how much sleep you actually got the night before (we won't tell). The powerful treatment contains caffeine and frankincense which work magically together to reduce inflammation. It also contains organic, sweet almond oil and jojoba oil which provide lasting hydration and help with fighting those dastardly dark circles.

GLOV On The Go Eco Line (Retail Value: $12.99)

GLOV On The Go Eco Line

If you've been with Kinder Beauty for a while, you've seen GLOV before...but not like this! This new and improved On The Go Makeup Remover is even more eco-friendly than before, now arriving in 100% biodegradable and compostable packaging. This miracle product is unlike any other in that it will remove your makeup with just water, while leaving your skin soothed and refreshed. It’s perfect for traveling and great for taking off even the most budge-proof makeup. It’s great for the planet because it replaces cotton balls and wipes and lasts for months. And did we forget to mention this incredibly handy product was created by women? Of course it was!

Dirty Lamb Tea Tree Wand (Retail Value: $42)

Dirty Lamb Tea Tree Wand

The Dirty Lamb Tea Tree wand (which is basically about to change your life) is a natural blemish-remover that works on all types of acne. Instead of harsh chemicals that dry out the skin, the tea tree wand contains cinnamon-infused witch hazel and tea tree to soothe the acne you may have currently, while reducing the bacteria that causes future breakouts (your future self thanks you). Jojoba oil hydrates and balances oil production so that your skin doesn’t become stripped and irritated. The wand tingles and cools, and we can’t stop sniffing the minty lavender scent, too. It's so good. 

R+Co ONE Prep Travel Spray (Retail Value: $12) or TROPHY Shine & Texture Travel Spray (Retail Value: $18)

R+Co ONE Prep Travel Spray
TROPHY Shine and Texture Travel Spray

R+Co is an up-and-coming hair product company that’s made up of a collective of forward-thinking hair-stylists. We love this brand so much that we couldn’t decide on one product to include, so our subscribers will receive one of two products. You’ll get either the ONE Prep Spray or the TROPHY Shine + Texture Spray. The ONE Prep Spray is a nourishing base coat for the hair that adjusts the pH balance of the hair while creating a perfect base for your other styling products (think of this like a primer for your hair); it can also be used as a hair revitalizer. The TROPHY Shine & Texture Spray adds a slight texture, dry shine, and flexible hold to hair. Your hair will look young, shiny and perfectly lived-in. 

SkinForum Peeling Pad (Retail Value: $3)

SkinForum Peeling Pad

These peeling pads are about to be your new favorite beauty product, so you just wait. Subscribers will get a peeling pad in either Berry Good or Superb Herb. Like a mini-peel, these pads will deeply cleanse the skin and exfoliate to remove dead skin and makeup residue, but the great news is that they’re still gentle enough to be used regularly and they won’t irritate or dry out your face. Think of this product as a mini-facial that you can treat yourself to on any night when a little extra pampering is exactly what you (and your skin) need. 


It’s a New Year, Kinder beauties! Don’t be shy when it comes to trying out new products, and be sure to let us know what you think!  
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