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REVEALED! The April Kinder Beauty Box: There Is Still So Much Beauty in the World-Kinder Beauty

REVEALED! The April Kinder Beauty Box: There Is Still So Much Beauty in the World

Our world seems to be turning on an axis of uncertainty these days, which is why it feels more important than ever to concentrate on wellness.

We can’t control the pace of challenge and change, but we can make the decision to care for ourselves...and this April’s Kinder Beauty Box has the fragrant, nourishing products to bring you the inner-peace you deserve.

If you’re not a Kinder Beauty subscriber yet, act quickly to get this beauty box (valued at $95), for as little as a beautiful $23!

Be sure to hop on over quick as a spring bunny, because this gift to yourself will sell out soon, and we want you to treat yourselves right.

Now, without further delay, here's what you'll find in your April Kinder box from Kinder Beauty:

Inkling Scents/Unify Roll-on Perfume (Retail Value $25.00)

Inkling Scents/Unify Roll-on Perfume (Retail Value $25.00)
Fresh, clean, and so invigorating, Inkling Scents provide you with the natural oomph you’re craving in its popular Unify roll-on. This alcohol-free perfume offers you a gentle fragrance combination that’s bound to lift your spirits. Black currant is what gives this scent a unique edge, and we love that the addition of grapefruit is an energy-booster. Musk and cedarwood anchor the fragrance, and Lily of the Valley lighten its aura just enough to give you the sense of peace you’re seeking right now.


Fleur & Bee Eyes Eyes Baby Anti-Aging Eye Cream (Retail Value $22.00)

Fleur & Bee Eyes Eyes Baby Anti-Aging Eye Cream (Retail Value $22.00)

Reducing fine lines and wrinkles isn’t just a reaction to growing older, Kinder Beauties; it’s also a reaction to evidence of anxiety, and this all-natural anti-aging eye cream gives us a chance to quiet those restless marks. Fleur & Bee has really come through for us worrywarts with Eyes Eyes Baby, and we are so relieved to know that it is brimming with botanicals, vitamins, and cruelty-free ingredients. Just the very thought of how good it feels to apply this soothing formula has us feeling a good night’s sleep coming on.

Ellovi Lip Butter (Retail Value $5.00)

Ellovi Lip Butter (Retail Value $5.00)

We can’t believe it’s not butter! That’s how rich and delectable this lip treatment is. With no added water, its ingredients are ethically sourced and sustainable, and the stick feels heavenly to apply. Whether you’ve been biting your lips after a stressful day on the go, or are still getting over the winter’s unforgiving chill, a dab of this lip butter will bring you a comforting, healing sensation.


Delia Organic Nail & Cuticle Oil (Retail Value $15.99)

Delia Organic Nail & Cuticle Oil (Retail Value 15.99)

In today’s climate, we’re all washing our hands so frequently that our hands are tired. Heck, our cuticles are downright exhausted. Never fear, Kinder Beauties; Delia Organic’s blend of natural and essential oils have come together to heal and replenish your dried, tired nail beds. The formula in this beautiful oil heals, hydrates, and promotes better nail growth, which is something our hands desperately need to feel restored and regenerated.


KVoss NYC: You will receive one of the two KVoss items listed below:

[EITHER] KVoss Travel-size Bronzing Potion Glow Cream (Retail Value $20.00)

KVoss Bronzing Potion Glow Cream

A sheer, illuminating, and natural look is evoked with this universally flattering glow cream. So light, in fact, that it gives us a more even skin glow that feels and looks like we’re not wearing anything on our faces at all. But don’t mistake this for a simple, one-trick beauty product. It’s ultra-hydrating, kind to virtually all skin tones, and can be worn alone or in layers with your makeup. Kinder Beauties, we adore it because it makes us feel radiant.

[OR] KVoss NYC Fairy Dust (Retail Value $28.00)

KVoss NYC Fairy Dust (Retail Value $28.00)
Enriched with artichoke leaf extract and evening primrose oil, this is not your traditional pressed powder. It blends pigments with oregano, rosemary, and lavender extracts, which allows for a silky application that doesn’t flake or cake. Sometimes feeling well from within requires a bit of fairy dust, and this product will add some much-needed sprinkle to your step.


Kinder Beauties, this is the time to concentrate on replenishing your sense of well-being.

April’s Beauty Box is full of treats to remind you that, no matter what is happening in the world around you, you’re in charge of balancing yourself. Retailed at $95, this gentle box of wellness is yours for as little as $23.

As we brace ourselves against the fast pace of today’s headlines, the madness of the week’s race against time, let’s stop. Let’s remember to center ourselves by caring for our bodies and minds just that little bit more than we have before. 

Here's to wellness!

Each month you'll get

Up to $165 worth of vegan, cruelty-free, & clean beauty
5 products from top ethical and clean beauty brands
A mix of both full-sized and travel-sized items
Skincare, makeup, haircare, body care, and more
Kinder Beauty subscription boxes with vegan, cruelty-free, and clean beauty products