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REVEALED: November 2020 Kinder Beauty Box(es)—The Gardenia & Peony Collections-Kinder Beauty

REVEALED: November 2020 Kinder Beauty Box(es)—The Gardenia & Peony Collections

Hello, Kinder Beauties!

We’re elated to introduce you beauty-lovers to our November boxes: The Peony Collection and The Gardenia Collection.

These boxes are filled to the brim with hair, face, and body products that will help you recharge during this busy, family-filled time of year (whether you're having in-person or virtual gatherings).

We work tirelessly each month to supply you with the best vegan and cruelty-free beauty and self-care products from all over the world, and this month is no different. In our stunning November collections, we are featuring brands from France, India, United Kingdom, Lithuania, and the United States.

As always, each product is tested by our incredible Kinder Beauty co-founders Daniella Monet and Evanna Lynch, as well as the rest of our team, so you can rest assured that it has passed our rigorous in-house vetting process.

Every product featured in a Kinder Beauty box will always be 100-percent vegan, clean, and cruelty-free; the kindness begins with the manufacturer and ends long after you throw out the packaging and the ingredients go down the drain.

Whether you get The Peony Collection or The Gardenia Collection will be a surprise, but you never have to worry about which version you get, as each box is always equally valuable and remarkable.

If you happen to want both versions of our monthly box, you can always keep your eye out for any leftover boxes in our monthly members-only Add-on Shop. (Our Facebook group members typically get a half-hour head start on shopping the monthly Add-On store, so if you’re not already a member yet, you’re going to want to join now so you can always be first in line!)

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I’m sure you’re anxiously awaiting to hear what’s inside our November boxes so let’s get right to it!

Click here to see The Gardenia Collection.

Then, click here to see The Peony Collection.


Because of subscribers like you, we’ve been able to donate thousands of dollars to our favorite charities and organizations that help both animals and humans alike. The more we all spread the word, the more we can continue to make a difference. Don’t forget to share photos of your boxes to our Facebook group and to your personal social profiles!

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