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Resurface and Refresh: Applying May’s Kinder Box Themes to My Post-Vaccinated Life

Resurface and Refresh: Applying May’s Kinder Box Themes to My Post-Vaccinated Life

At this writing, I am one week away from what I’m only somewhat facetiously calling my “Freedom Day.” Meaning, two weeks post-fully vaccinated and therefore as immune to COVID19 as I’m going to get for the next six months, minimum.

As a perennial over-thinker and an #undercoverintrovert, of course I’ve been ruminating about what exactly I will feel free to do post-Freedom Day. It’s been a long 14 months in my house, y’all. 

I got inspiration for this moment, though, when browsing the products to expect from Kinder Beauty’s box next month. I noticed the themes of the two boxes: Resurface and Refresh. And those themes pretty much outline a positive approach I can take to this next (still unprecedented) phase.

Resurface: In other words: It’s time for a new coat of paint on and a makeover for a year’s worth of pandemic “style.”

And, believe me: when talking about the last 14 months, I use “style” in the absolute loosest way possible! 

Recently, I was going to be recording an online course, which meant filming in HD video. For the first time in 14 months, I styled my hair all the way up to using hairspray, and I put on make-up. Like, full make-up, including a light foundation. And you know what? It didn’t just look good; it felt pretty good, too! I’m not saying anyone needs make-up to look and feel good, but just like putting purple in my hair is a form of self-expression, so is a strong eyebrow, a bold lip, and some glittery shine on my cheekbones.

For that matter, I got a little bored with my go-to brand/style of underwear, and tried a few news ones. I have a pile of super-cute boyish briefs I like, but I got lace-curious. Same for (newly non-underwire, but still supportive) bras. Like, could they be comfy and pretty? After the undie bake-off, when I found new combos of brand and style that I liked, I went back and ordered new sets in four more colors!

Unlike make-up, I’m not expecting a lot of other people to get a peek at these, but as I think about going out in the world in “hard pants,” or even business-casual clothes of any sort, I thought that laying a new foundation with my foundation garments was probably smart:

Refresh: In with the new, new, new when it comes to self-care.

My Freedom Day happens to coincide with peak-Springtime, also a time of refreshing our perspective and of renewal in general. The turtlenecks and scarves are coming off. So, too, will the masks in certain settings. Feels like the perfect time to refresh my approach to self-care.

I’m re-committing myself to good habits that might have slid a little during lock-down. Yes to more fruits and veggies. Yes to sitting outside in the sun, especially when there are white puffy clouds and a light breeze. I’m flossing more regularly and getting my full eight glasses of water every single day. We are talking basic here, but when every day is Blursday, even the basic tends to be forgotten about. I’m using a new app that helps me check these habit boxes off every day (and I love to cross of items on a list).

I'm also trying some new natural supplements and vowing to stick with them longer than I usually do. Luckily, the apple cider vinegar gummies I’m currently trying taste way better than a straight shot, so why wouldn’t I?! And a new cannabis-based tincture is so far getting me more uninterrupted sleep than I’ve had in a long time.

The point is that there is a light at the end of the long, dark tunnel these past 14 months have been, and I want to do whatever I can to feel like I’m emerging in the best possible shape.

Taking time (and thought) to resurface and refresh feels right. Thanks for the inspiration, Kinder! 

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Elisa Camahort Page is a speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur, best-known for co-founding BlogHer. She’s the host of The Op-Ed Page podcast and co-author of Road Map for Revolutionaries: Resistance, Activism, and Advocacy for All. Learn more at

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