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7 Amazing Vegan Chocolate Brands Perfect for Easter

7 Amazing Vegan Chocolate Brands Perfect for Easter

With Easter quickly approaching, we look forward to devouring adorable vegan chocolate bunnies and colorful foil-wrapped cream eggs—because we know how much joy these treats will bring. Because we’re all about eating and gifting vegan and cruelty-free chocolate made from ingredients that have also been ethically sourced from farms that pay and treat their workers fairly, we want to support brands that have the same ethics in mind. From vegan jelly-bean bark to nougat-filled chocolate bunnies, these seven ethical brands offer Easter collections worth ordering. 

1. Divine Treasures

This Connecticut-based vegan chocolatier offers an Easter collection with the cutest chocolate Easter bunnies and creme eggs you’ll ever see. Think: boxes of assorted limited-edition dark chocolate rabbits, hens, Robin’s nests, and peanut butter-filled eggs; four-inch-tall chocolate bunnies made of almond-based white chocolate layered with dark chocolate; and individually foil-wrapped egg truffles filled with vanilla creme. Better still, these gluten-free gourmet treats are made from chocolate sourced from organic, socially responsible cacao and unrefined sweeteners such as brown rice syrup and coconut sugar. 

2. Ethereal Chocolate

Hot cocoa bomb

Holiday or not, we’re obsessed with Ethereal’s Salted Caramel Cocoa Bomb—an organic dark chocolate shell filled with salted caramel hot cocoa and marshmallows. The fun part? When you pour hot plant milk over the shell, the chocolate melts into a hot cocoa drink. Ethereal’s other Easter offerings include egg-shaped chocolate meltaways, jelly bean bark, and Robin’s nest cookies. The company pays particular attention to its cacao sourcing, with the owners visiting cacao farms themselves to meet all the people involved in bringing the cacao beans from the pod to their doorstep.

3. Gnosis Chocolate

You’ll have a hard time deciding what to order from Gnosis’ spring line, which includes vegan milk chocolate mini eggs, solid chocolate bunnies, and creme-filled eggs in flavors such as strawberry, blueberry lavender, lemon poppy, jade matcha, and salted caramel. And don’t pass up the Golden Eggs—a thin chocolate shell with a golden cashew-based filling. You can rest assured these are made with community in mind: Gnosis founder Vanessa Barg personally visits and works directly with cacao farmers to support them and verify quality and fair working conditions.

4. Lagusta’s Luscious

Our favorite Lagusta’s seasonal offering is the individually wrapped chocolate eggs in three flavors (English cream, peanut butter, and milk chocolate marble), nestled in a compostable  green berry pint. But we also wouldn’t say no to the chocolate nougat-filled bunny or the matzo toffee. A company that is truly committed to ethical ingredients, Lagusta’s works closely with small farmers and producers to source all their ingredients, from the maple syrup hand-delivered by the maker to the cacao from the third-generation farmer in Ecuador. 

5. Prana Snacks

Handcrafted and prepared in Montreal, Prana’s has but one holiday product worth purchasing: The limited-edition Coco & Co features various bite-size chocolate pieces in a clear cellophane bag. Each bag includes three bunnies, four ganache-filled eggs, and eight solid chocolates in various animal shapes. Prana is committed to being a force for social and environmental change, including educating consumers about why fair-trade chocolate matters and being transparent about the entire lifecycle of its products

6. Pure Lovin’ Chocolate

The mother-daughter-team behind Pure Lovin’ take pride in their hand-crafted creations, made using organic and fair-trade-certified ingredients. For Easter, stock up on the Lemon Creme Filled Chocolate Chicks, Vegan White Chocolate Blueberry Lemon Meltaways, or the Giant Peanut Butter Filled Chocolate Bunny. 

7. Sjaak’s

Among Sjaak’s assortment of Easter offerings is a standout treat: a vegan milk-chocolate bunny filled with gummy bears, made for those who love chocolate and candy. Other options include a white chocolate “Bunny Pop” on a coconut-milk chocolate egg, a Peanut Butter Crunch Egg in Dark Chocolate, and caramel-filled chocolate eggs, and—if you can’t make up your mind—an Easter Assortment box of various handmade truffles with dark, white, and coconut-milk chocolate. Better still, this family owned business aims to balance profits with purpose by ensuring its products continue to be clean, vegan, environmentally sustainable, and ethically sourced.

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