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8 Self-Care Products Perfect for Summer

This past year has been rough on us, and while I am eager to go boating with my besties, I also have this innate desire to create a really rejuvenating summer (it might finally be time for me to focus on expanding—and actually using—my collection of bath bombs). 

So far, my urge to prioritize me has resulted in sitting outside as much as possible and being barefoot as often as I can. All in all, not a bad start. I think I am going to officially label it #SelfcareSummer.

While I am sure there will be beach volleyball in my summer’s future, I am really trying to create ample space for relaxation—which honestly can be so much harder during the warmer months as the cookouts, weddings, and pool parties become all too frequent and my time seems to dwindle. Truthfully, I am desperately yearning for things that fill my soul and rejuvenate my tired mind. (Something tells me I'm not alone in that.)

Prioritizing relaxing against all odds can be a daunting task, but I have some go-to items that help keep me in the zen. Join me in stocking up on these self-care products and let's have a fun and relaxing summer. Let the self-care routine begin.

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Water is essential for good skin, good gut health, good energy, and everything in between, especially during the summer. However, most of us are definitely guilty of not drinking enough. If this is you, we highly recommend giving infused water a try—it's one of the best self-care products you can gift yourself. The ability to try new flavor combos on the daily allows us to change things up and make boring plain water a thing of the past. This one from BeBottle is stainless steel and can be used for hot or cold beverages. Try some season favorites such as mint, cucumbers, or strawberries. Hydration is especially important, given the ridiculously hot summer we are having.

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Tinted Sunscreen

Our skin definitely needs extra protection in the summer, and SPF is a must-have when it comes to optimal skincare. Most of us like to go lighter when it comes to our summer make-up routine—so opting for a tinted moisturizer with SPF is a great way to get light color coverage without skimping on that protection.

Getting your dose of Vitamin D daily is so critical to our health and happiness (we are all about prioritizing our mental health!), but let’s please stay protected. This silicone-free skin tint from MILK blends effortlessly for natural-looking coverage. It's one of our favorite products for a reason. 

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Sunless Tanner

Let’s be real: it feels good to have that sunkissed glow and the confidence that just seems to follow. However, in the quest for that golden tan, we are damaging our precious skin. Luckily for those of us who are dedicated to enjoying the summer sun from under a big beach umbrella, we can still get that coveted glow. Sunless tanner may seem like an odd thing to put on a self-care product list, but when you look good, you feel good.

Sunless tanners have morphed from leaving us with that dreaded orange tint to truly being able to bring us that effortless glow, making it the ultimate in summer self-care. We can attest that this one from Beauty by Earth is incredible (and incredibly hydrating for our skin).

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Essential Oil Diffuser


It is likely that you already have one of these in your home, but if not, we highly recommend this stone diffuser from Saje. It is a bit larger than most you will find on the market, but because of its size, it will keep your home wafting with soothing scents for up to 22 magical hours. Your friends and loved ones will love it, too.

Essential oils not only smell great, but they also help to reduce stress and help you sleep, making them a great self-care product to add to your list. For summer, try mixing up your oil combos. Our favorites are Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, consisting of lemon, mint, and basil, or try Seaside Breeze, which combines jasmine, lime, and sandalwood.

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Vegan Sleep Gummies

We all know getting eight hours of sleep is good for us (well-being for the win!), but that is easier said than done. Between the busy work from home hours to squeezing in that workout, there just are not enough hours in the day. This can result in that dreaded insomnia.

These sleep gummies from LOVE Wellness have a perfect mixture of melatonin, magnesium, and organic valerian root to help you relax and recharge. A good night’s sleep is the ultimate self-care.

Vegan Sleep Mask 

Speaking of sleep, it might be time to order an eye mask. It can be hard enough to get those Zs in, but during summer it is even trickier with the prolonged hours of sunshine. Wearing a sleep mask at night has shown to result in more REM sleep and increased melatonin production, which can lead to healthier sleep patterns and balanced hormones. This organic bamboo mask by ettitude was featured in Kinder Beauty's September 2020 beauty boxes and received rave reviews from our subscribers.

It's silky smooth, stays cool on your face for those warmer nights, and is ideal for those with sensitive skin. Your sleep is about to be next level. 

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Sustainable Paper Journal

Summer (especially the summer after a traumatizing global pandemic) is the ultimate time to take up journaling. Grab your beach towel and spend the afternoon writing songs, writing poems, or just plain writing. Inspiration seems to be easier to come by when the sun is beaming and the fresh air floats through the city. It can be extremely relaxing, inspirational, and cathartic to put pen to paper.

Papier has beautifully designed journals that speak to whatever your creative side identifies with and is made from sustainably sourced paper.

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Herb Garden Kit

If you have the space for a backyard garden, great! But if you live in a small space or maybe don’t have time to take on a full-blown vegetable garden, you can still reap the benefits of gardening with an at-home herb garden.

There is something so therapeutic and rewarding about growing your own food, even if it is just herbs or botanicals. To choose which ones to plant, think about those you would use frequently in your cooking or would be tasty infused in water (giving you another opportunity to hydrate). We love this cute organic box from Spade to Fork.

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