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How to Understand and Master Non-Toxic, Anti-Aging Skincare

How to Understand and Master Non-Toxic, Anti-Aging Skincare

You might have guessed that as you get older, so does your skin.

Despite what societal norms may tell you, that’s definitely not a bad thing. All skin is beautiful skin, no matter what! 

But, it is important to know how to take care of your aging skin, because it’s different from younger skin types. It requires different things and needs help with different concerns.

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Mastering skincare for aging skin doesn’t have to be hard—in fact, we’re here to make it a breeze. 

Why does skincare change with age?

After years of carefully curating your perfect skincare routine, we wouldn’t blame you if you’re against the idea of changing a thing

But think about it this way—your skin changes as you age, meaning that the concerns of younger skin are different from those that aging skin contends with. So, naturally, your products should change to reflect these differing concerns.

When we put it like that, it makes a little more sense, right?

Before you completely switch up your routine, it’s important to understand the kinds of things you’ll face with aging skin, like:

  • Cumulative effects from years of pollution, weather, and sunburn
  • Decreased ability for skin to maintain overall hydration
  • Healing taking longer
  • Fine lines and wrinkles deepening
  • Collagen production decreases along with elasticity and firmness, especially under the eyes
  • Overall dullness 

While these are never things to be afraid of or embarrassed about (everyone’s skin goes through this!), there are ways to target these new concerns to make sure you’re maintaining your skin’s health.

Tips for mastering non-toxic anti-aging skincare

Never forget to moisturize

As skin gets older, it has a harder time producing its natural oils and cell renewal slows down, resulting in drier skin that can’t keep itself moisturized as easily.

Because of this, moisturizing your aging skin is super important. Not only will it prevent tight, uncomfortable dryness, but it also prevents the deepening of fine lines and wrinkles.

Importance of SPF

SPF is always important but for aging skin, it’s an absolute necessity.

As your skin ages, skin cancer becomes more of a threat. Because UV damage is one of the main causes of skin cancer, you should be ultra diligent about protecting yourself from the sun.


Applying sunscreen on back of hand


Using sunscreen can also protect against signs of aging caused by the sun, like sun spots and wrinkles.

Ingredients to avoid

  1. Mineral oil

Mineral oil isn’t allowed in any product you’ll find in our clean product marketplace or Kinder Beauty’s boxes because of the negative effects this ingredient can have on your skin—and this especially goes for aging skin. 

Mineral oil creates a thick, oily layer that sits on top of your skin, effectively suffocating it. There is a chance it can also clog pores. And while mineral oil is used for its hydrating properties, it can actually result in overall dryness over time. 

  1. Alcohol

Generally speaking, alcohol can be overly drying and irritating for all skin types (especially sensitive skin!).

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But for aging skin, which already struggles with dryness, some types of alcohol can be your worst nightmare. Not to mention, over time alcohol can potentially harm the outermost layer of your skin which can increase the appearance of rough skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.

  1. Sulfates

Sulfates aren’t allowed in our Kinder Beauty boxes, either.

Ingredients like SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and SLES (sodium lauryl ether sulfate) are insanely stripping to the skin and can cause inflammation and serious dryness. Long-term, and in high quantities, sulfates can make skin overly sensitive and more susceptible to damage. This is especially dangerous for aging skin types because your skin is already struggling with healing—so the last thing your skin needs is more damage!

Ingredients that are great for aging skin

  1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an amazing antioxidant that aids in skin repair and healing. It also provides UV protection, helps build collagen, and helps with hyperpigmentation (which you typically see more of as your skin ages).

  1. Ferulic acid

This insane ingredient does wonders for aging skin. Not only does it fight free radicals and preserve existing collagen, but it also majorly boosts the benefits of antioxidants. It’s almost always used in serums with vitamin C because of its ability to enhance C’s benefits for your skin.

Bonus: it can also double your UV protection when mixed with vitamin C and E!

  1. Retinol/retinoid

By now, we all know that retinoids offer major benefits for aging skin.


liquid closeup


Retinol and retinoids can increase collagen production, which helps with skin elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles. They also increase blood vessel production, which helps to add color to the skin, and they can fade sun spots. 

  1. Hyaluronic acid

Honestly, this is the holy grail for basically all skin types.

However, hyaluronic acid’s ability to keep skin hydrated and plumped is extremely beneficial for aging skin types, as the hydration gives a dewy glow and the plumping makes skin look younger and fresher overall.

Non-toxic, anti-aging skincare products to add to your routine

Best natural anti-aging cleanser

Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Cleanser

This cleanser is packed with skin-loving plant-based ingredients to rinse away dirt, grime, and dead skin cells, revealing the beautiful, youthful skin underneath! It’s 100% clean, vegan, and cruelty-free, and is made with mostly natural ingredients.

Best clean anti-aging moisturizer

Alpyn Beauty PlantGenius Melt Moisturizer 

Alpyn’s moisturizer is consciously created with hyaluronic acid and squalane for optimal hydration, while also including bakuchiol to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The ceramides in this cream are meant to aid in skin-barrier health, too, so you’ll have all your bases covered with this one.

Best non-toxic anti-aging serum

Osea Anti-Aging Sea Serum

Jam-packed with vitamin C, ceramides, and seaweed from the coast of France, this serum targets fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin, and loss of elasticity for a brighter, smoother, more radiant complexion overall. Plus, it’s fragrance- and essential oil-free, meaning it’s perfect for sensitive skin types!

Best anti-aging retinol eye cream

100% Pure Retinol PM Eye Cream

There’s a reason we featured this cream in our marketplace.

This cream is specially formulated to stimulate collagen production, hydrate, and smooth wrinkles around the eyes to give your under eyes a tighter, brighter, more youthful appearance. And it’s a 100% natural formula!

Ultimately the key to non-toxic anti-aging skincare is embracing the changes your skin is facing. Like we said, all skin is beautiful skin—the only difference is in what your aging skin needs. So give your skin the love it deserves, and whatever you do, don’t hide its beauty!

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