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Pal-entines costmetic gift ideas from Kinder Beauty

14 Incredibly Kind Cosmetics to Give Your Pal-entines this Valentine’s Day

There is no rule dictating that Valentine’s Day only celebrates romantic love. So why not honor your favorite friends with some “pal-entine’s” gifts that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free? 

Kinder Beauty has curated a list of some of our favorite cosmetics to give to those special people who brighten your life. Perhaps your pal-entine loves a long soak in the tub, experiments with fun and fabulous makeup, or is searching for the ultimate restorative hand cream. Whatever their passions or needs, we’ve selected the very best gifts to show the people you love how much you appreciate them.

People can be reluctant to do nice things for themselves, so this Valentine’s Day, you can help your pal-entine out by gifting them with the self-nourishing niceties you know they deserve.

Of course, if you can’t decide on which products to get, you can always gift a Kinder Beauty Box subscription! Many of the brands listed below are regularly featured in our monthly box offerings.

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1. Nomad Cosmetics America’s Parks Palette


Brighten your pal-entine’s day with this colorful collection of powder eyeshadows that celebrate North America’s breathtaking national parks. 

This plastic-free palette features fifteen shades of shadow, including shimmers, mattes, and metallics. Colors range from a sunny yellow to a rich purple. The pigment-intense shadows will please any makeup lover.

2. Little Moon Essential Spray Away Gift Set 


Give the gift of peace of mind with Little Moon Essentials’ delightful Spray Away Gift Set. The kit brings together four different aromatherapeutic mists designed to soothe and revive. 

We’d all like to take our friends’ troubles away, and this kit helps you do just that. The Spray Away set takes the guesswork out of aromatherapy and offers simple, deliciously scented solutions to daily stresses including sleeplessness and brain fog. The kit contains Little Moon’s soul-nurturing mists in formulations: Clear Mind, Tired Old Ass, Sleep Comes Easy, and Clear Skies Ahead. 

3. Franklin and Whitman Midtown Village Body Scrub


Franklin and Whitman’s Midtown Village Body Scrub helps remove toxins from the skin with ingredients including matcha green tea and sea salt. 

Matcha powder is rich in antioxidants and chlorophyll, offering an all-natural detox. The sea salt contains magnesium and calcium, which are proven to improve hydration by strengthening the barrier function of the skin. Grapeseed and coconut oil offer soothing moisture. And a blend of delicious scents including lemongrass and bergamot wafts over you while you scrub. Truly a complete self-care experience.

In addition to giving a great gift, buying from Franklin and Whitman means that a percentage of what you spend will be donated to dog rescue organizations. Plus, the company has a recycling program that means buying from them can help prevent damage to the planet.

Franklin and Whitman is one of Kinder’s favorite brands, and you will often find their products in Kinder Beauty’s boxes. Sign up today! 

4. Peek Beauty Blushes


Peek Beauty’s ultra-portable Metalimatte blushes offer a pop of color that your pal-entine can take with them anywhere they go. The shade Ku offers a natural blush tone, while Hours is perfect for a warm, peachy glow. 

These cute blushes go on as a cream and dry into a powder. Thanks to the secure tin packaging, your pal can easily slip one in their purse for a makeup refresher on the go, without having to worry about the case opening up while they’re moving around. 

Priced under $20, you may want to gift all of your makeup-loving pal-entines with these fun and affordable blushes.

Peek’s blushes are featured in Kinder Beauty’s January 2022 box

5. Urban Myth Makeup Palette from Black Moon Cosmetics


When it comes to makeup, some of us opt for subtle colors while others prefer a hefty dose of drama. 

For those who embrace the latter, Black Moon CosmeticsUrban Myth Eyeshadow Palette is a perfect pal-entine’s gift. The out-of-this-world collection of colors features a gorgeous Paranormal metallic purple, sparkly turquoise Bermuda Triangle, and bright red Bloody Mary. 

In addition to creating only cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics, all Black Moon products are paraben-free and gluten-free.

6. Pacifica Hair and Body Mist


Pacifica’s Hair and Body Mist lets your pal-entines indulge in delightful smells without the intensity of alcohol-based perfumes. 

Free from phthalates, parabens, propylene glycol, polycyclic musks, and nitromusks, you can choose from a variety of scents, including Dream Moon, which features patchouli, sandalwood, and pink rose. Other scents include Blue Moon, with notes of lavender and currant, and Hardcore Happy that foregrounds coconut, tuberose, and vanilla. 

Not only are these sprays vegan and cruelty-free, but they are also earth-friendly, packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled bottles.

7. Earth Harbor Mermaid Milk 


Kinder Beauties love this product so much, we include it in our Kinder Faves box, which you’ll receive as your very first box upon signing up for a subscription. 

Earth Harbor products celebrate and honor our planet and animals, with eco-friendly ethics and all vegan and cruelty-free formulations. 

For the friend who is frustrated by the winter weather’s effects on their face, why not gift them a rich, plant-derived moisturizer that hydrates and balances (all types of) skin? Mermaid Milk is non-greasy, nourishing, and quick-absorbing. Plus, Earth Harbor participates in 1% for the Planet, meaning that the company makes contributions to Waterkeeper Alliance, Water for People, and Climate Neutral with every sale made.

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8. Pacifica Lavender Moon Bath and Body Collection 


By giving your pal-entine the makings of a delightfully relaxing bedtime routine, you are offering them important tools they need for self-care. 

From Super Fizz Bath Tea to Bedtime Lip Treatment to Body & Pillow Mist, the Lavender Moon collection from Pacifica is all-vegan, cruelty-free, and nicely priced (all Lavender Moon products are $13 or less). So stock up and put together a gift basket for someone you love. They’ll be having sweet dreams because of you!

Kinder Beauty loves Pacifica—you’ll find their products in our boxes and in our vegan, cruelty-free marketplace. 


9. Lotte Naturals Foot Balm 


Most of us could use some foot-love—but this gift is especially fantastic if your giftee is on their feet all day.

Though pedicures are one surefire way to treat feet in sunny weather, we typically indulge in them less frequently during the wintertime. Lotte Naturals’ Whipped Butter and Eucalyptus Foot Balm incorporates cocoa butter, shea butter, and soothing oils to comfort and protect dry feet that have been hidden behind heavy socks and boots during the cold months of winter. 


10. Thisworks Stress Check Kind Hands 


For the ultimate gift set to nourish winter-ravaged extremities, pair Lotte Naturals Foot Balm with thisworks’s Stress Check Kind Hands moisturizer. The rich hand cream comes in a tube that is easily carried in handbags and backpacks and features vitamin E and shea butter to revive dry and sensitive hands. 

With all of the hand sanitizer we’ve been using these days, many of us have skin that is suffering from dryness. Stress Check Kind Hands is a great pal-entine’s gift for anyone living in the time of COVID (and aren’t we all). 


11. The Kind Poppy Shower Steamers 


Designed to be dropped into showers, these steamers from The Kind Poppy fill the room with wonderful scents, offering aromatherapy that can help wake you up or put you to sleep—whatever you need.

You can give a steamer to each of your pal-entines for under $6 each, or you may want to splurge on a gift collection for that special someone. Gift options include the Signature Shower Steamer Set ($22) which features the following scents: Healing (tea tree & lavender), Clarity (eucalyptus & peppermint), Refresh (grapefruit & lavender), and Relax (lavender & bergamot).


12. Franklin and Whitman Spring Garden Body Serum 


You can give a friend a little bit of springtime this winter with the Franklin and Whitman Spring Garden Body Serum.

This moisturizing formula hydrates and nourishes, and features the crisp clean scents of grapefruit, rosemary, and eucalyptus. The blend of hydrating oils helps soften dry skin and relieve rough patches (which many of us experience during the winter months). The formulation also incorporates natural botanicals including pomegranate seed, rice bran, coconut, olive, and grape seed oils. 

13. Pacifica Stellar Gaze Eyeshadow Palette


Don’t know what your pal-entine’s favorite makeup shades are? That’s okay: because Pacifica’s Stellar Gaze Eyeshadow Palette has something for everyone. 

From the subtle to the sparkly, from glamorous green to delicate pink, this all-vegan and cruelty-free collection features 28 different hues. Thanks to Pacifica’s commitment to being Earth-friendly, the palette is made from paper that can be recycled by popping out the tins and removing the bio-film insert on top.

Did we mention we love Pacifica? Check out Kinder Beauty’s interview with the founders.  

14. UpCircle Love Your Body Bundle


Give your pal-entine the gift of serious self-love with this UpCircle Beauty bundle that includes a soothing body cream, a gentle coffee scrub, and a yummy chocolate charcoal chai soap bar. 

You'll be giving the planet a gift, too, since all of UpCircle's products are created using byproducts or recycled materials. 

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Maya Gottfried is the author of books for children and adults, including Our Farm: By the Animals of Farm Sanctuary and Vegan Love: Dating and Partnering for the Cruelty-Free Gal.

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