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Is There Fur Lurking in Your Makeup Brushes?-Kinder Beauty

Is There Fur Lurking in Your Makeup Brushes?

Most of us know by now that rocking fur clothing or accessories is so out of style, cruel, and frankly, disgusting. But I've got some sad news: some companies out there are still using real animal hair or fur in their makeup brushes.

As someone who considers herself to be a cruelty-free makeup connoisseur, I’m ashamed to admit that it took me years to realize this disturbing truth. While I meticulously checked cosmetic labels and databases, I purchased brushes without a second thought. I didn’t know that they could contain hair or fur from squirrels, badgers, ponies, goats, sables, minks, or other animals.

No one should have to suffer or die for somebody’s beauty routine. So now that I know the truth, I always check labels on makeup brushes before buying, and you should, too!

But to save you some time, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite brands’ animal-friendly makeup brushes. Check them out: 

1. 100% Pure

100% Pure

100% Pure is one of our favorite brands because we adore the company’s commitment to creating the purest and healthiest products. Their fruit-pigmented makeup is amazing, but don't stop there, as you don’t want to miss out on these next-level brushes—which all happen to be on sale at the moment. (100% Pure products have appeared in several boxes since Kinder Beauty launched. Currently, their Bright Eyes Mask can be found in our welcome box, the Kinder Faves Collection.)

2. Base Blue Cosmetics

Base Blue makeup brush

Base Blue Cosmetics has a couple of unique brushes that we’ve never seen anywhere else, including this handy two-in-one eyeshadow and blush brush, which is perfect for saving space—and is also perfect for someone like me who is always losing their eyeshadow brushes. (Blue Base Cosmetics' mini air sponge recently appeared in Kinder Beauty's sold-out May 2020 beauty box.)

3. Clove + Hallow

Clove & Hallow makeup brush

Clove + Hallow offers some higher-end brushes that will quickly become your daily go-to and are well worth every penny. We love these brushes and we also stand behind the company’s values, which are all about safety and sustainability. (This iconic company's hydrating blush serum appeared in our May '19 beauty box, featured alongside MOTD Cosmetics' Get Cheeky With It Blush Brush ... see below.)

4. EcoTools

Eco Tools makeup brush

EcoTools brushes make the perfect gift for yourself or someone else. Some of the brush sets come in a handy case, while others include cute crystal sponges for blending, and stones to help reduce puffiness. 

5. Folly Fire

Folly Fire

These brushes are so fire! This gorgeous set of red and black brushes is called “Phoenix Feathers,” but don’t let the name fool you—there are no feathers or fur hiding anywhere in these brushes, which come from one of our all-time fave companies. (Folly Fire's gorgeous matte lipstick—in the Full House shade—appeared in a Kinder Beauty box last summer and continues to be a fan-favorite.)

6. e.l.f.

e.l.f. brushes

When it comes to affordable but quality products, e.l.f. always comes through for the win. Their brushes are synthetic, vegan, and cruelty-free, and they can be purchased online or at just about any drug store or Target.

7. Honeybee Gardens

Honeybee Gardens brushes

Honeybee Gardens’ brushes are all eco-friendly, and this six-piece set is perfect. The brush handles are made from sustainable, natural bamboo, and recycled aluminum and the bristles are made from Taklon. The cotton and hemp carrying case are Earth-friendly too. (Fun Fact: Honeybee Gardens Eyeliner Pencil—in the Belgian Chocolate shade—was featured in Kinder Beauty's very first box, back in January 2019.)

8. INIKA Organic

Inka Gardens

INIKA Organic offers a wide variety of luxurious makeup brushes that will make you feel like a professional makeup artist in your own home. We love including Inka Organic products in our Kinder Beauty boxes. (INIKA has appeared in several Kinder boxes. And fans of amazing vegan mascaras might want to keep out for something new and exciting from them coming in one of our upcoming summer boxes!)

9. Luxie Beauty

Luxie brushes

Luxie Beauty is changing the game when it comes to makeup accessories. This company specializes in brushes, so they have a brush for anything you could think of. They also have a variety of cute styles including rose gold brush handles and the super cute light blue Dreamcatcher collection.

10. M.O.T.D. Cosmetics

m.o.t.d. brushes

How are you going to get the perfect #MOTD selfie without the perfect brushes? M.O.T.D.'s brushes are all made from synthetic, hypoallergenic fibers that work for even the most sensitive skin. Pick up some false eyelashes while you’re there, too! They’re also free from animal hair. (As mentioned above, the Clove + Hallow hydrating blush serum appeared in our May '19 beauty box, featured alongside MOTD Cosmetic' Get cheeky With it Blush brush.)

11. PHB Ethical Beauty

phb makeup brushes

The name says it all. PHB’s brushes are ethically and sustainably sourced, and the company donates 20 percent of its profits to charities. These simple brushes are everything you need for a flawless face. (PHB has appeared in several Kinder Beauty boxes—most recently, the Organic Black Eye Liner Pencil appeared in our November 2019 box, and we are obsessed with it.)

12. Sandstone Scandinavia

sandstone brush

We’re in love with Sandstone Scandinavia’s skin-friendly cosmetics, and their brushes are amazing, too. All of the company’s products are free from fragrances and allergy-friendly, and the company is unapologetically against animal testing. (Sandstone's gorgeous highlighter was featured in our Sept 2019 box.)

13. Wet n Wild

wet n' wild vegan brushes

Wet n Wild brushes get rave reviews for a reason—they’re awesome! WNW’s iconic pink and white bristles are soft on even the most sensitive skin and they hold up well after years of use. This brush roll comes with 17 pieces in a carrying case at a price point nobody can refuse. 


WIth so many compassionate companies out there, it’s hard to choose! Let us know which brushes you plan to buy by commenting on our Instagram page. Want to make shopping for cruelty-free and vegan beauty products even easier? Subscribe to Kinder Beauty today, and get the best in cruelty-free beauty delivered right to your door.

Please note: A product appearing in our blog is not an official Kinder Beauty endorsement. While every product we feature in an article is cruelty-free and vegan, these products do not necessarily meet all of our strict brand standards for curation in a Kinder box


Kim Johnson is a writer and social media strategist with 10 years of experience in the nonprofit sector working for animal protection organizations. 

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