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Latrice Love, Founder of Liplove, is Out to Change the World Through Beauty-Kinder Beauty

Latrice Love, Founder of Liplove, is Out to Change the World Through Beauty

Founders of clean beauty companies will often have similar origin stories. They wanted clean beauty products to use while breastfeeding, to offer cancer patients, or to provide clean options that are more affordable, multi-functional, or available for more skin tones.

Latrice Love, founder of Liplove, started her brand because she wanted multi-purpose items that fit her lifestyle and complexion. She did just that and more: she created a brand that not only worked for her skin tone, but also for all skin tones—without sacrificing clean ingredients or the perfect glow.

Every time someone starts a company like Liplove, the clean beauty industry becomes more accessible, more competitive, and more compassionate.

You’ve seen Liplove before in Kinder Beauty’s December 2019 box with shades Sahara and Coffee, and in August 2020 with the shade Mahogany. Read on to learn more about sustainable, Black-owned, clean beauty brand, Liplove.

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Kinder Beauty: What was the inspiration for developing Liplove? 

Latrice Love: Discovering clean beauty and the lack of representation in the industry were both pretty pivotal in my decision to quit corporate and launch Liplove. That, combined with my on-the-go corporate lifestyle, really sparked my interest in easy, effortless makeup that not only looked good on my skin without weighing it down, but could also keep my briefcase free from having to carry a full makeup bag. 

KB: What have been your biggest challenges as a small business owner?

LL: One of the biggest challenges has been funding. We are staying away from traditional loans, so applying for grants has been a large part of our journey as we reinvest most of the revenue back into growing the business.

KB: What have been some of your biggest wins as a small business owner?

LL: Being featured in a recent Forbes article was such an honor, and definitely a surreal moment. And honestly, being able to wake up and build this amazing business that is about so much more than beauty products is something I’m truly grateful for. Being able to partner with conscious companies like Kinder Beauty  is also a blessing. I really try to treat every day as a win, in that I’m doing what I love and hopefully can make a positive impact on another woman. 

KB: Who is the Liplove customer? 

LL: She is busy, doesn’t have time for complicated makeup and prefers a natural glow, but doesn’t shy away from a full glam when the occasion calls for it. Our customer is also conscious about ingredients, or trying to be/transitioning. She could be a student, wife, mom, business owner, 9-to-thriver, or any combination! Our customers’ ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds truly range—the key thing is that they want more from their makeup without spending a lot of time. She has mastered the on-the-go glow.

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KB: Liplove is a Black-owned brand. In what ways do you feel the beauty industry fails women with darker skin tones and thicker hair textures?

LL: The beauty industry is only following the larger systemic issues surrounding the European standard and oppression of BIPOC communities that have been going on for centuries. With that said, the beauty industry fails women with darker skin tones and thicker hair textures in more ways than one: overlooking us completely (especially in the clean beauty industry), appropriating our culture but still disregarding representation, only seeking to fill diversity quotas rather than truly being inclusive—I could go on, but I won’t.

KB: In what ways can our beauty industry be more accessible and more diverse, from a business perspective and customer perspective? 

LL: From both perspectives, authenticity is key. From a business perspective, that looks like truly seeking out ways to truly support and partner. I think initiatives like the 15% pledge are a good start, but not where we should settle. From a customer perspective, especially now, we’re demanding that we’re seen and not overlooked. This translates into representation in ads and marketing all the way through to the product offering.

KB: How has the pandemic affected your business? 

LL: We planned for this to be our trade show year and that was significantly impacted. We were also planning a number of pop-ups to connect with customers in person, and that also had to be postponed. But we’ve also had some of our best sales months during this time, which has been a huge blessing and something we’re grateful for. 

KB: How can your community support you during the pandemic and beyond?

LL: Continue sharing Liplove and ordering it for friends and loved ones! That seriously makes my day every time. And stay connected and engage with us on social. We have so much in store that I’m excited to reveal soon.

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KB: What is clean beauty to you?

LL: Clean Beauty is free from the nasties, completely non-toxic, not tested on animals, and sustainably made. My preference is also plant-based.

KB: The clean beauty industry has grown massively over the last decade. In what ways would you like to see this industry change and improve?

LL: I’d love to see more diversity in the clean beauty industry as a whole—from both a business and customer perspective. More clean beauty destinations that cater to minority groups, more products that truly address unique needs and lifestyles. I also think clean beauty education, even for teens and girls, is important. Teens today might be influenced by wanting the latest brand, but do they know how to read a label and what ingredients could be harmful? Those are some of the things I think about, and feel a level of responsibility for. 

KB: What does Liplove do differently that makes you stand out among the rest of the clean beauty industry?

LL: Our mission goes beyond beauty. Yes, we want you to feel good and confident wearing Liplove. Beyond that, we want you to find joy and strength in taking care of and loving yourself and others. We believe that when you love yourself, it allows you to have peace, love, and understanding with others. And that’s what we’re all about. Love. 

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KB: For new customers, which items would you recommend in a “starter pack”?

LL: The Rose Glow oil blend is my top pick.

KB: What are your best sellers and what are your favorite items?

LL: Our beauty kits are by far the most frequently sold. We also released our Rose Glow and Lovesticks in the spring and those have become bestsellers very quickly. Honey and Mahogany are my favorite Liplove colors, and the Rose Glow is my go-to. I use it on my lips throughout the day and as an under eye serum at night, especially when I stay up late and don’t want dark circles.

latrice love, liplove founder, kinder beauty

KB: Where can our readers follow you?

LL: We are on Instagram and Pinterest @shopliplove and we’ve also recently expanded to Facebook @therealshopliplove.

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