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Essential Takeaways

We hold a lot of tension in our face. Using a quartz roller can help with improving circulation and de-stressing, making you feel overall more calm. 

How to Use a Rose Quartz Face Roller

Got any weekend plans? If not, consider making time for a self-care session, rose quartz roller style. If you’ve used a facial roller or a Gua Sha tool before, you’re probably familiar with the sense of relaxation and pampering you get, as well as the many benefits. If not, let’s break it down.

Using facial rollers isn’t a new skincare technique, but it has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. And we’re not surprised. The benefits are too abundant not to take advantage of these handy little tools. If you’ve never used a rose quartz roller—or any facial roller, for that matter—let this be your guide.

Let’s dig into how to use your roller, what to use it with, and some reasons why you need it in the first place!

What is facial rolling? 

Remember that secret you learned from your grandma, who learned it from her grandma? That’s kind of how facial rolling works. This practice stems from 7th century China, where the technique of facial rolling dominated skincare and added just the touch our skin needs to brighten, warm, and heal.

Face roller

How to use a rose quartz roller 

So you got your face roller, admired the beautiful pink color, and maybe took a picture or two for your Instagram story. But you’re not sure where to go from here. There are two main strategies to use a rose quartz roller. Here’s a step-by-step for both:

Strategy #1: Take your rose quartz roller and gently move it in downward motions, beginning at the neck and then moving along to your cheeks and the rest of your face. You can do this with or without a serum or cream. The downward motion is important for draining lymphatic fluids and detoxifying the skin.

Strategy #2: For this strategy, do the opposite. Move in gentle upward motions, with or without a serum on your face. This stimulates blood circulation, providing oxygen to the skin and tissues and helping keep the skin firm.

Vegan Cruelty-Free Skin Care

What to use it with 

While you certainly can use your rose quartz roller on a bare face, including a vegan skincare product like a serum or moisturizer adds to the overall luxury of the experience.

The Earth Harbor Night Serum is a featherweight serum rich in collagen, acids, multivitamins, and nourishment to help your skin appear smoother and more radiant. With a 15-percent AHA + BHA blend, macro-algae collagen, and vitamin C-rich oils, this vegan, cruelty-free serum helps exfoliate skin and hydrate without any of the harsh side effects on your skin or on the planet. It’s the perfect pairing for your new rose quartz roller. 

You can also use your rose quartz roller to help your moisturizer or sunscreen soak into your skin. Try Earth Harbor Mermaid Milk, made with spirulina, matcha, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and vegan hyaluronic acid. Use your rose quartz roller to gently apply your moisturizer and experience all the benefits of the Mermaid Milk, plus the benefits of facial rolling. Sounds like a win-win to us.

What is rose quartz? 

When talking about rose quartz, we have to dig deep—literally. Rose quartz is found in the hydrothermal veins of the earth and forms at high temperatures. The stone gets its name from its pretty pink color and is sometimes also known as pink quartz or—brace yourself for cheesiness—the stone of unconditional love. Now that’s a powerful stone!

Rose quartz vs. jade 

When most people think of facial rollers, they think of those gorgeous green jade rollers, but rose quartz may just be taking over. Jade was the first stone used in facial rolling. It has incredible abilities associated with healing, warming, and brightening. Jade naturally transmits far-infrared rays to warm the skin and promote a process known as microcirculation (we’ll talk about this a bit later).

So, what’s the difference between jade and rose quartz? Rose quartz is believed to help open our body’s chakras so that energy can circulate better. If you’ve ever practiced yoga or acupuncture, you’re going for the same goal. As part of that process, rose quartz helps our bodies let go of negative thoughts, built-up stress, and tension. One of the places we hold tension the most is our face.

Rose quartz is also known for a few other benefits that jade doesn’t have, such as reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles and keeping its cool for longer instead of generating heat during use. But the benefits of a rose quartz roller go even further, so let’s dig a tad deeper.

jade roller

Benefits of rolling with rose quartz 

Here are some reasons you should start using a rose quartz roller—if you haven’t already.

It promotes circulation 

Facial rolling with rose quartz also promotes circulation. Moving the roller around your face helps increase blood flow, which in turn helps your skin cells thrive and keep the elasticity that keeps you looking young.

Fun fact: Moisturizing also increases skin circulation, so it’s vital to keep your skin hydrated.

It’s great for sensitive skin 

Rose quartz is a go-to for those with sensitive skin. If your skin easily becomes inflamed, puffy, or red, a rose quartz roller can help soothe and promote a sense of calm on your face.

Rose quartz stays cool longer 

One of the biggest differences between a jade roller and a rose quartz roller is their temperatures during use. Jade rollers induce heat. While this is great for some skin types, many people find the cooling sensation of a rose quartz roller more soothing.

It helps reduce puffiness and under-eye bags

Using a rose quartz roller on your skin may help reduce puffiness and under-eye bags because they encourage lymphatic drainage. Certain kinds of facial massage, like the one you do with a face roller, encourages the fluid that builds up beneath your skin to move along to your lymph nodes and out of those delicate areas like your under-eyes. 

So grab your rose quartz roller, and start rolling away that dreaded morning-after-a-few-drinks-too-many puffiness.

It may help the skin absorb serums and creams

Some believe that a rose quartz roller is also an ideal way to help your skin absorb serums and creams. While there’s not a ton of proof out there verifying whether or not a face roller actually promotes better absorption of products, it certainly does feel pretty spectacular when you’re giving yourself a little face massage with some extra product on there. Using a rose quartz roller can help your skin soak in the serum goodness.

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Roll away your worries

There are too many benefits of using a rose quartz roller not to take advantage of it, and it’s an easy, fun-to-use addition to your everyday life. If you’re looking for ways to enhance your self-care routine or add that finishing touch to your skincare regimen, facial rolling is a great place to start.

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