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How To Use Body Scrub

Body scrub is one of the most underrated skincare products on the market. That’s why here at Kinder Beauty, we’re passionate about sharing all its benefits with you. Once you get hooked on body scrub, we promise you’ll never look back—it’ll completely transform your exfoliation routine. 

If you have questions about what body scrubs are or how you can harness their power for your best skin yet, we’re here to help. Whether you’ve used body scrubs in the past and want to learn more, or you’re just getting started, consider this your ultimate guide to all-things body scrub.

Today, we’re going to share what body scrubs do, why they’re useful, and how to use them properly to get all the benefits. Finally, we’ll share some of our favorite brands for body scrubs we know you’ll adore as much as we do. 

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What is body scrub?

A body scrub is designed to take away all the junky stuff that builds up on your skin, including dead skin cells, dirt, and grime. A scrub is different from a wash mainly because of its texture. Body scrub usually feels rougher to the touch, thanks to the frequent inclusion of salt or sugar that can help polish your skin to a perfect glow. When you’re done using this product, you’ll often notice softer, fresher skin.  

Think of your body scrub as the next line of defense against dead skin cells. Your body wash is wonderful—and necessary. But if it’s just not doing the job, or you need something slightly more intense, a body scrub is the way to go. Because of this, many people don’t use their body scrub every single day like they do with body wash, especially if they have sensitive skin, and they are absolutely right to do so. 

When you’re just getting started, consider using your body scrub once a week to get your skin acclimated to this deep exfoliator. On days you don’t use your scrub, use a wash or a plain old bar of soap—whichever you (and your skin) prefer. 

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Why is body scrub useful?

There are oh-so-many reasons we love body scrub and consider it a shower essential. 

First off, it helps create smoother skin. When you exfoliate with a body scrub, you’re removing dead skin cells that make your skin look dull and worn down. By removing these, you’ll reveal softer, smoother skin that glows. 

We spend plenty of time taking care of the skin on our faces, and the skin on our bodies deserves the same TLC. Using body scrub allows you to spread the love to the rest of your skin so that every inch of you can be smooth and healthy.

Body scrub is also an excellent addition to your skincare routine because it helps you absorb moisturizer more effectively. If you apply a body lotion or oil after you scrub your skin, your skin will be able to absorb the product more effectively. 

Those with blemish-prone skin might find that body scrub can make a positive impact, too. Of course, we recommend that you check with your dermatologist before introducing anything new to your skincare routine, but we think you’ll find that this product—which can minimize the appearance of pores—might also help prevent breakouts. 

How to use body scrub

We’ve talked about what body scrub is and why it’s important, so now it’s time to share how you should use it to get the maximum benefits.

First, some tips:

  • On the days you use a scrub, make sure you’re using a gentle body wash to avoid drying out your skin.
  • Always be sure to check the instructions on the specific product that you’re using. Some may have recommendations for how often you should use this body scrub or the best way to do so. 

First, use warm water to soften your skin before you apply the body scrub. You should never make the water too hot, though—this can lead to dryness. 

Next, apply the scrub to your body. Use circular motions, but be sure not to apply too much pressure with your hands. You don’t need to use a loofah, though you can if you’d like a little extra oomph. Just make sure to be extra gentle so you’re not exfoliating too much—over-exfoliation is a real thing that can do more harm to your skin than good. 

If you’re feeling pain from the scrub, you’re being too harsh. Remember: Applying more pressure doesn’t mean you’re doing a better job exfoliating—you still want to have skin left when you finish scrubbing!

Once you’ve scrubbed everywhere, rinse with water and shave with your waste-free razor (if that’s on your shower agenda). Shaving after exfoliating helps keep your razor from getting clogged with dead skin cells and can lead to a seriously smooth shave. Always make sure to follow up with a moisturizer or body oil to add some much-needed hydration back to the skin. 

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What are some body scrub brands we love?

It’s just as important to choose the correct body scrub brand as it is to apply it correctly. We’re name-dropping some of our favorite brands because we know you’ll adore their scrubs as much as we do. 

It might take a bit of trial and error to choose the right scrub for you, but once you find it, you’ll be sold on how nourished and sultry your skin will feel. Try these brands, and we’re sure you’ll find your right fit. 

The Dirty Lamb

Natural, vegan, and cruelty-free—what’s not to love about The Dirty Lamb? This brand creates products that are just as good for your skin as they are for your health as a whole. The Dirty Lamb’s Mint Coffee Scrub is designed to stimulate your lymphatic system, which can also help combat cellulite. 

The scent of coffee combined with peppermint will make you feel refreshed and energized—and this scent will linger on your skin throughout the day. In addition to this, mint soothes inflammation, and coconut oil cultivates silky smooth skin. 

P.S. If this product looks familiar, that’s because it was featured in one of our past beauty boxes

Beauty Kitchen

Up next, we have Beauty Kitchen. This brand features products that are 100-percent natural and handmade at a facility right here in the USA. Best of all, they’re cruelty-free, paraben-free, preservative-free, and sulfate-free! 

Beauty Kitchen creates sugar scrubs in a variety of different scents, so you can choose one that suits you. Whether you want the refreshing Cool Cucumber Scrub or something summery like Juicy Watermelon, you’ll fall in love with Beauty Kitchen’s natural products. 

We love Beauty Kitchen’s products so much that they’ve made an appearance in one of our subscription boxes in the past, too! 


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And that’s why we love body scrubs

As you can see, there are tons of reasons we love to use body scrubs. Now that you’ve got the info you need, you’re just a shower away from smoother, softer skin!

If you’re hooked on one of these body scrubs and want to find other vegan, cruelty-free beauty scrubs and all-around fabulous beauty products, look to Kinder Beauty. Each month, we’ll send you a curated beauty box filled with products that meet our strict clean beauty standards for as little as $23. 



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