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A Kinder Beauty makeup and beauty subscription box makes a perfect gift.

How to Gift a Makeup Subscription (It's Super Easy!)

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one is no easy feat. 

You want to find something that they would absolutely love but also something that they would not buy for themselves. When it comes to gifting clothes or shoes, it's near impossible to know if they will fit right, and with home goods, you never know if they will have the right space for it. While gifting skincare and makeup can also be a bit tricky, gifting a makeup subscription may just be a perfect option.

When you give a beauty box subscription, you are gifting your loved one multiple gifts at once, and each month they get to explore and try new products. It is a little bit of fun and a whole lot of self-care packaged into one cute monthly box. Here’s why we think your loved ones deserve a makeup subscription, pronto. 

Benefits of a makeup subscription 

There are so many exciting and useful benefits to a makeup subscription, from giving people the ability to try out new products they might not otherwise, to saving money, and let’s not forget about how easy it is to simply open a new box without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. 

Plus, who doesn’t love getting presents in the mail?!

Test out new products 

A beauty box is perfect for anyone who loves trying out new products but hates buying full-sized bottle after full-sized bottle. Beauty boxes are curated with high-quality products such as makeup, skincare, haircare, and more. This allows the consumer to test out products without the commitment to a large bottle with months worth of products inside. One month there might be lipstick, foundation, dry shampoo, and perfume, while the next month is a face mask, eyeliner, sunscreen, and nail polish. 

In a world where there are endless options at Ulta and Sephora, it can be overwhelming to know which brands and products to try. Beauty boxes take out this worry. Your giftee can receive a wonderfully curated box of tested and approved products to see if they work for them. 

Shop vegan beauty products at Kinder Beauty.

Save money 

One of the additional benefits of a subscription beauty box is saving money on products. There is nothing worse than buying a brand new foundation or serum only to realize that your skin does not react well to the ingredients. While those sample bottles in the beauty aisle are helpful to get a brief introduction to the products in question, it is impossible to know how well they will work or if they will cause your skin to break out. Beauty boxes help alleviate this issue and save you (or whoever you are gifting to) tons of money in the process. 

By opting for a subscription box, the person receives sample-size products that offer just enough products to test out and see how much they like them. Does that foundation actually cover the dark spots? Does that mascara really make eyelashes pop? Will this eye cream really help the dark circles? By giving these products a test run, one can determine if they are a good fit before committing to a regular-sized bottle, which allows anyone to test tons of products for cheap. 

Support small beauty brands 

While there are a ton of big-box brands out there, many people are turning to smaller companies to support instead. There is an endless amount of incredible beauty brands out there that are run by women, minorities, and those that support local communities. Many beauty boxes, Kinder included, opt to partner with these kinds of brands and support small businesses instead of lining the pockets of large conglomerates.

Small beauty brands are also the ones leading the way in terms of innovation in the cruelty-free and vegan beauty space. Many small vegan beauty brands are using better for you and better for the planet ingredients. While big-box beauty is just looking for the payday, small brands are usually started by those really committed to making a difference. 

5 reasons why you need to subscribe to a clean beauty box, by Kinder Beauty.

The easiest way to shop 

Let’s be real: online shopping is the best. No dreaded fitting rooms or poorly lit cosmetics counters where it is impossible to tell if the foundation matches your skin tone. Online shopping and front door delivery allows for people to try products out in the comfort of their homes and within their daily schedules. 

Like most products these days, beauty boxes arrive right at the consumers’ doorstep. Gone are the days of commuting to the local Sephora, battling the crowds, only to stare endlessly at the aisles and aisles of products to choose from.

Why a makeup subscription is a perfect gift 

As if you needed more reasons, right?! 

Makeup subscriptions are the perfect gift in so many ways. It can keep on giving, it can give self-care, and it can even give back. Let’s look at some of the top reasons why you just can’t really do better than a makeup subscription.  

The gift that keeps on giving 

In a world where everyone seems to already have everything they need, and then some, gift-giving has become harder and harder. Finding the perfect gift for a loved one is hard. It is usually a combination of something that they would love while with something they wouldn’t buy for themselves. 

Beauty boxes are a great option to check both of these boxes. While many people have tried and true products they cannot live without, it is still fun to test drive other products. Instead of committing to a full-sized product and risk buying your loved one a product they won’t use, get them a subscription instead. 

Also, a subscription box is a gift that keeps on giving all year round. Instead of a one-and-done present just for Christmas or a birthday, a subscription box shows up every month. It is a wonderful way to celebrate each and every month, not just special occasions.

The best vegan beauty subscription boxes to give as gifts, by Kinder Beauty.

The gift that gives back 

Many beauty subscriptions, Kinder Beauty included, partner with businesses that also donate a portion of their proceeds to benefit important causes. In June 2021, for example, Kinder Beauty partners with Pacifica Beauty to support ACLU on social justice issues. Pacifica also gives back to women’s and LCGTQ-focused shelters. 

Another recent partnership with Kinder Beauty and Franklin & Whitman, which donates a percentage of all its sales to dog rescue organizations and hosts regular events to benefit homeless dogs. Another Kinder Beauty regular, Eco Lips, supports causes such as Connect CR, which is working to create a wetland around an urban lake, Wings2Water, which cleans up waterways in the Mississippi watershed, and SheJumps, which works with women to teach them outdoor skills. 

In 2021, Kinder Beauty boxes partnered with Black Girls Code, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, Loveland Foundation, Ali Forney Center, Animal Equality, and many more. 

Plus, a portion of all Kinder Beauty sales goes towards our premier charity partners each year. To date, we’ve donated thousands of dollars to causes that help animals. 

The gift of self-care 

Self-care: everyone knows they need it but it seems impossible to always make time for it. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed with workloads, family, and a plethora of other stressors that the last thing on most people’s minds is taking a little time for themselves. 

By giving a loved one a thoughtful gift like a beauty subscription box, you are sending a little self-care reminder on a monthly basis. Whenever that box shows up, it is a kind gift and encourages your loved ones to take a little time for themselves. What could be better than that? 

A makeup subscription is a subtle but kind way to remind people that it is okay to take time for themselves and indulge in a little self-care. Whether it is a bubble bath with their new face mask and bath salts or taking time to get dressed up and try out their new makeup products, they will surely think of you every month when they open that box and find a little “me” time. 

Shop vegan makeup at Kinder Beauty.

Why choose Kinder Beauty? 

There are a lot of makeup subscription boxes out there to choose from. So, why choose Kinder Beauty? 

We’ve got some pretty good reasons for you! 

Trust the ingredients 

Kinder Beauty is an exceptional option because you can believe in the safety, effectiveness, and kindness of the ingredients and brands included in each and every box. Kinder Beauty is committed to providing consumers with the best clean, cruelty-free, and vegan beauty products so its consumers can feel good about the products they are using. 

All of Kinder’s brands are cruelty-free, meaning none of the products in the monthly boxes have been tested on animals. Furthermore, all of the products in Kinder Beauty’s boxes are certified vegan, meaning they do not contain even trace amounts of animal-derived ingredients such as honey, goat’s milk, or squalane. 

Tested and approved products 

Not only does Kinder ensure high-quality, vegan ingredients but all of its products are tested by the founders, Evanna Lynch and Danielle Monet. The Kinder team carefully selects all of the items in each month’s box based on how amazing the products are and if the team thinks the consumers will personally enjoy each product. 

While everyone’s preference and skin tolerance are different, the Kinder team does their best to test all of the products with this in mind and picks the products that they believe each and every consumer could benefit from being in their makeup bag. 

Moving towards eco-friendy 

The Kinder Beauty team hates waste. It has taken earth-friendly steps to put the environment first. The Kinder Beauty box is made from 100% recycled material and is biodegradable and compostable. The packaging inside the box is made from 100% recycled materials, and the ink used for printing is soy-based and eco-friendly. 

What to expect from a Kinder Beauty box

Kinder Beauty is the perfect gift for anyone in your life. Each box includes up to $165 worth of vegan, cruelty-free, and clean beauty products each month. Customers received 5-6 products in every box with 2-3 full-sized products guaranteed each month. 

How to order 

The first step is selecting the beauty box you’d like to order. Kinder offers two subscription plans: 3-Month, or 6-Month. The first monthly box, the Kinder Faves Collection, ships within 3-5 days. The subsequent monthly billings will occur on the 8th of each month, and the boxes will arrive between the 15th and 18th of each month. A shipping confirmation will be emailed each month once the box leaves the warehouse. 

How to gift 

For those looking to gift the box, Kinder Beauty offers gift cards. The gift cards are available in 3-Month, 6-Month, or 12-Month subscription plans, or you can simply order in $35, $50, or $100 increments. The monetary gift cards can be used on subscription boxes or at the Kinder Marketplace. You can also add a personalized note to your order. 

Example boxes

To give you a little taste, one Kinder Beauty 2021 box included Honua Skincare: Malu Day Cream SPF 30, Franklin & Whitman: Nail and Cuticle Serum, Three Ships: Purify Aloe and Amino Acid Cleanser, Pure Sol: Perk Up Gold Eye Mask, Charlotte Cook: Lip Gloss in Brooklyn, and a bonus item of PlantFusion: Collagen Builder in chocolate or vanilla. Another month was Farmhouse Fresh: Harvest Green Shea Butter for Hands, Bellapierre Cosmetics: Mineral Blush in Amaretto, or Glaminizers: Serenity Anxiety Oil.

How much does Kinder Beauty cost? 

Kinder Beauty’s subscription is an incredibly affordable gift, too. The monthly subscription is just $26 per month. If the 3-Month or 6-Month is paid for upfront, the total cost is discounted to just $24 per box on the 3-Month plan or $23 per box on the 6-Month plan. Furthermore, shipping is free to US customers and just $9.99 per box for international shipping and handling. 

Final thoughts

Gifting a makeup subscription is an excellent and easy way to tell your special someone that you care about them. A beauty subscription box truly is the gift that keeps on giving: why not treat someone you love to one today?

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Kinder Beauty subscription boxes with vegan, cruelty-free, and clean beauty products