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an orange himalayan salt lam on a black background.

What Are The Benefits of a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

If you’re looking for a light source that will provide you with both impeccable vibes in your space and potential health benefits, your search is over. Enter the Himalayan salt lamp, a product created to do precisely that. 

If you’ve seen a salt lamp in action, you’re already familiar with the soft, amber glow that it emits. It’s the pinnacle of relaxation, which is why it’s unsurprising that there are plenty of potential benefits to having a salt lamp in your house.

Whether you enjoy a Himalayan salt lamp because of its appearance or its potential health benefits, if a salt lamp makes you happy, you should certainly invest in one. Today, we’re going to discuss the history of these bright lamps, their potential benefits, their safety, and a few other ways you can support your wellbeing. 

What is a Himalayan salt lamp?

Designed to act as a wellness product, the Himalayan salt lamp is crafted from—you guessed it!—pink salt crystals from areas close to the Himalayas. The pink salt itself is versatile and can be used for everything from cooking and grilling to so-called “salt therapy” at some day spas. 

The salt lamp product itself comes in multiple sizes, so you can find one that fits your lifestyle and space. You plug in the lamp, which essentially looks like a huge piece of pink salt, and watch it illuminate. Usually, it will light up a pinkish-amber, but there are also salt lamps that change neon colors or white ones that cast a cooler-toned glow. 

A Himalayan salt lamp can be a good addition to your space for several reasons. The first one is because it casts a soft, relaxing glow in the room. If you’re fed up with harsh lights, a salt lamp could be exactly the thing you need to soften the mood. 

Plus, Himalayan salt lamps are rumored to have plenty of health benefits. That sounds like a tall promise, so we investigated whether that was true.

What are the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps?

We have some good news for you: if you like the look of Himalayan salt lamps, there are also several potential health benefits. Yes, it is possible for your house to get the aesthetic glow-up of your dreams while also supporting your overall wellbeing. 

One potential benefit of having a salt lamp is that it can support people with respiratory ailments. A study completed with over 100 patients suffering from several respiratory diseases revealed that spending an hour in a salt cave eased symptoms. While it’s important to note that these results were obtained from individuals in an entire room of salt, it suggests that the salt itself could be helpful. 

Another claim is that salt lamps could re-energize your body and mind. This is because these lamps leave more negative ions than positive in the air. While more research is necessary to validate the concept of ionizers, there is preliminary evidence suggesting that it might be helpful. 

Finally, plenty of evidence supports that a salt lamp can make a significant difference in cultivating a more mindful, restful space. Adding a Himalayan salt lamp to your home can add beauty, natural vibes, and light. They feel organic and add a warmth you can rarely acquire with a traditional lamp. TBH, that’s enough reason for us to get one. 

Are Himalayan salt lamps safe?

We want to note one thing first: there are plenty of knock-off salt lamps on the market, so buyer beware when you’re making a purchase. If a deal looks too good to be true, you’re probably buying an artificial lookalike. 

These faux Himalayan salt lamps not only lack the health benefits real ones offer, but they could also contain materials that might not be ideal for your health. Always read the package carefully before making a purchase, or you could be stuck with a fake lamp. 

In the past, concerns regarding the metal content of the salt lamp surfaced. It’s true that all naturally occurring materials contain a trace amount of heavy metals such as lead. They’re in the air, soil, and even food. Still, the only time they are a threat to your health is when they reach a certain level.

Yes, pink salt can contain heavy metals. However, the amount is insignificant and does not pose a potential health risk. When you use a Himalayan salt lamp, you also aren’t ingesting the metals, making it even safer. You’ll be fine unless you start licking your salt lamp on the daily (so try to get your sodium from somewhere else). 

Finally, it’s also essential to keep other living beings that you live with in mind! Even though the salt lamp poses an insubstantial risk to humans, too much salt can be toxic for plenty of living creatures. This includes your canine and feline friends, plus all the darling wildlife and farmed animals with whom we also share this earth. We recommend keeping your salt lamp out of reach of your companion animals. That ensures that no one will try to slyly sneak a lick when your back is turned. 

Himalayan salt lamps aren’t the only way to support your wellbeing

If you’re considering a Himalayan salt lamp because you believe it could potentially support your overall wellbeing, we have even more good news. There are plenty of other ways you can also do that. While getting a salt lamp is certainly a terrific start, it’s important to take a holistic approach. 

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Add some spice to your home décor

Whether you’re interested in Himalayan salt lamps for their potential health benefits or because you think they add beauty and light to a space, you can rest assured that they’re both safe. Taking care of yourself is essential, and if getting a Himalayan salt lamp is how you want to do that, we’re fully in support. 



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