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Looking Ahead: Hair, Skin, and Nail Trends for 2022

It is hard to believe, but 2022 is right around the corner.

After the year and a half we’ve all had, many of us are looking for a fresh start, and what better way to do that than to switch up our hair, skin, or nail routines?

The Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Shows that took place around the world showed us the best upcoming trends when it comes to our beauty routine, and also of course fashion looks. If you are itching to start planning your New Year’s refresh, we are sharing the best hair, skin, and nail trends to try in 2022. 

2022 Haircut Trends

Textured Layers 

While this trend always seems to be a bit in style, it came to the runway in a big way for SS22 shows. This trend is great for people who have naturally fine hair, as it adds a lot of texture and extra loads of layers to create the illusion of volume. 

The other great thing about this look is once you get the cut, it is pretty low-maintenance. The layers are great when styled into a beach wave vibe. Use this Sea Salt Beach Wave Mist from Herbivore and lightly spray it on damp hair and work it into your hair gently. Let dry and see your textured layers come to life! 


Probably a cousin of textured beach layers, this fashionable, rock-and roll-inspired haircut helps you achieve a chic vibe, effortlessly. The bulky volume and long layers at the back of the head, paired with a lot of medium-length layers around the face, are edgy but not too crazy—allowing anyone to pull this look off. 

To style this new cut, grab a medium-sized round brush, like this RAINCRY Bristle Brush. You'll want to pay extra attention to the crown of your head and use the brush to add volume at the top. Next, grab a styling wand; we love this one from Drybar. Carefully curl small sections of hair, leaving the last half-inch of your ends uncurled. Finish it off with a nice dry shampoo to help create and hold that messy look. We love the GRO Dry Shampoo from Vegamour. 

Short and Wild Shag 

Don’t have long hair for a traditional shag? Luckily, short shags are also trending. If you have naturally curly hair, this look is the ultimate coo-girl 'do! 

If you don’t have natural curls, you can certainly fake them (faking it isn't always a bad thing). Start by putting your hair into twists while the strands are still damp. This will help set a pattern of waves throughout the locks. Then, blow-dry the twists, but be sure to use a heat protection spray first. We love the OUAI Heat Protectant. Once the twists have mostly dried, tousle your curls into a fun shaggy style, and set with hairspray! 

Curtain Bangs 

While this is obviously not a full haircut, the beauty of curtains is that they pair well with most haircut styles, from long waves to shags. Just as the name suggests, curtain bangs perfectly frame the face, and add some style to even very basic cuts. 

To style them, grab a large round brush to blowdry damp hair. The T3 Volume Round Brush is a great option! You are looking to achieve volume without frizz, so adding a leave-in conditioner is also crucial. 

Long Lob 

Forget the bob; the long lob is here to stay! Celebs from Adele to Emma Watson have embraced this new trend, making it the hit of the year. This cut is also great if you are wanting to try something shorter for Spring but are a little nervous to chop it all off. 

To style your lob, you’ll first want to grab a nice thick hair mousse. The GRO Hair Foam from Vegamour provides instant body and texture while deeply penetrating the sculpt to support visibly thicker, fuller-looking hair. 

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2022 Hair Do and Accessory Trends

Aside from everyday haircut trends, we also saw a few fun styling trends and accessories that were popular on the catwalk this season. Here are our favorites. 

Classic Chignon

This classic ballerina bun is perfect for pretty much any occasion. It is sleek enough to dress, up but also casual enough for a workout class or running errands. 

To get this look, use your hands to comb your hair back into a low ponytail. Then, tease your ponytail with a brush or comb to add some volume and texture. Carefully wrap your hair around the base of the ponytail securing the ends with bobby pins into the bun. 

Easy Braids 

Another flashback style is braids. While french braids have been really popular for years, easy classic braids are now having their moment. From full-braided pigtails to small face-framing ones, they were all the rage on the runway for Spring 2022. 

To lay the foundation for a perfect braid, start with a detangler like the Pinstripe Intense Detangling Spray from R+Co. If your braids also tend to get frizzy, run a little bit of Almond Oil through it before braiding. We like the Almond Hair Oil from Allpa Botanicals. 

Overdo on Clips 

Fun, embellished clips are bringing the 90’s kids back to their youth. I distinctly remember running around with a dozen clips in my hair of every color and pattern, all at the same time. This runway style is helping us bring that back, but the grown-up version this time. 

For a glitzy addition to your 'do, we love these Iridescent Rhinestone Mini Snap Clips

From Kitsch or for a more edgy look, grab the  Micro Snap Clip Set. 


While headwear has been gaining traction for a few years now, they are officially trending in a big way, and we’re all the buzz on the latest Versace x Fendi collab promotion. 

The animal print vegan silk scarf from Fox and Taylor is super fun and edgy! 

2022 Skincare Trends 

Skin Barrier Strength 


This trend is focused on protecting the skin barrier, or outermost layer of the skin’s surface. These products are typically multifunctional and help to restore the balance of the skin’s microbiome, regulate water, support cell turnover, and act as a barrier against common skin irritants. 

The Fortify + Natural Bacteria Fighting Mist is an anti-aging formula that hydrates and nourishes the skin. 


CBD has become very popular in various markets in the last couple of years, but it has finally reached the beauty and skincare aisle. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular ingredients in clean beauty, from moisturizers to retinol. CBD can help with myriad of skin issues such as inflammation and aging skin. 

The Hemp Jelly Anti-Blemish Face Mask from Truly helps you tackle zits without drying out your skin. Another product we love is the Cosmic Beauty Drops Balancing Serum from Pacifica. 

Skin Glow 

As we are cooped up inside for months on end, a lot of our skin surfaces have become a bit dull, so it’s time to refresh and get a new, glowy vibe. This trend is about getting exceptionally luminous skin that is truly glowing from the inside out. It is also a stand against the cakey overly-contoured looks that have become popular in recent years. 

The Glow Face Massage oil from Kusum Cosmetics is a great product to start with. It helps to improve skin circulation and lymphatic drainage. 

Green Beauty 

This trend is an extension of the clean beauty craze (which we are living for!), but focuses on clean beauty products made of non-toxic ingredients and sustainable ingredients—essentially, skincare that is true-to-nature and naturally derived ingredients. Green beauty ensures that the product is safe and friendly for all skin types, as it omits chemicals that can cause a wave of issues.  

We love the Triple Vitamin-C Brightening Bounce Cream from Alpyn Beauty is an amazing product made from clean and green ingredients. Alpyn Beauty consciously harvests their PlantGenius® fresh mountain actives™ from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  

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Sustainable Packaging 

Many brands are taking their green beauty one step further and adding in sustainable packaging. Many beauty brands are wrapped in plastic from the bottles to the shipping bags, but green brands are changing that. 

Axiology also has a great line of products with sustainable packaging. Their lipstick packaging is made from 100% recycled materials. 

2022 Makeup Trends

Statement Blush

Blush is usually just an accent to help sculpt the cheekbones and brighten up your complexion, but on the runway for Spring/Summer 2022, we saw blush take center stage in the makeup department. Not only was it brushed across the cheeks, but we saw it on temples and eyes as well. 

To get in on this trend we love the Cloud Paint Blush from Glossier. 

Neon Lights 

Dramatic, fluorescent eye shadow is also hot for 2022. Opt for all one shade, like the hot pink here, or try your hand at some eye art and create a masterpiece on your lids mixing a bunch of different shades. It’s your canvas. 

This Let It Rain-Bow Eye Set from Tarte is the perfect palette to achieve your desired look. With gorgeous blue, orange, pink, and more the combinations are endless. 

Glossy Lips 

As the early-2000s resurgence continues, it brought along the return of shiny lip gloss. This subtle lip matches with any makeup routine and creates a soft, yet polished look. 

The Lip Gloss from Glossier is a great option for shiny, supple lips and the formula also has vitamin E and jojoba oil to keep your lips soft and moisturized. 

Classic Red Lips 

If glossy lips aren’t you still, no worries; the classic bold red lip is also in. On the runway, we saw a bright crimson lipstick paired with an otherwise minimal makeup routine to make the statement even more pronounced. 

To achieve this coveted bold lip we are partial to the Bite Me Matte Lip Kit from Kylie Cosmetics. 

Embellished Eyes 

Under-eye concealer is out! In its place, we are seeing crystals and rose gold foil. This artsy update on the Euphoria-inspired makeup trend we saw all of last year. 

We love these simple Eye Crystals from ColourPop. You can arrange them as you wish and can use just a few or go all out. 

2022 Nail Trends 


Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking. But we haven’t quite seen florals like this. The artsy trend is fun yet sophisticated. We love this look that combines solids and prints! It’s probably best to leave this one up to the experts, but your local nail technician can surely create something gorgeous! 


Dark nail polish isn’t an obvious look for springtime, but when you do it with minimalist designs, it’s a surefire win. This one you could also give a try at home. We recommend the Lights Out color from Elle + Mia for the design. 

Black french tips 

Similar to the trend above but in a more classic style, we bring you black french tips. We love this edgy twist on the fan-favorite french manicure! Prefer press on nails? Don’t fret this trend has already made its way there on Static Nails.


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