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Euphoria makeup tutorial by Kinder Beauty.

How to Achieve a Euphoria Makeup Look

HBO’s Euphoria has become an absolute sensation, amassing a cult-like following. 

The teen drama delivers over-the-top storylines and dramatic makeup week after week. While many of the actions of said teenagers are quite questionable and should be prefaced with “do not try this at home,” the makeup looks are one Euphoria indulgence that should definitely be encouraged. 

In a possible attempt to recapture the bold looks of the ’90s, iridescent eyeshadow and flecks of glitter have been on the rise from the runway and, obviously, the big screen. While bold looks used to be reserved for nights out and themed parties, Euphoria is showing everyone that these looks belong in everyday life. 

After all, why not wear rhinestones to school or work?

The artist behind Euphoria’s looks 

There is more that goes into character development and the makeup they sport than meets the eye. 

The genius behind Euphoria’s eye-catching looks is makeup artist Doniella Davy. Upon getting the gig, she went to work sketching out her creative vision for each of the characters, collaborating with the show’s creator and director Sam Levinson to ensure the aesthetic was correct. From these sketches came the dynamic looks that can be seen on the screen today.

"My job is always to deliver the vision of the director, and then also just explore what I can do to enhance the story and to involve the audience more,” said Davy in an interview with ET. “Sometimes, that's making the makeup absolutely invisible. But with Euphoria, it's been so liberating because we actually get to show makeup and create these really unique looks," 

"I feel like I was this messenger, fairy-type person who was brought on to help push some of these makeup looks to be more mainstream—but a lot of it was inspired from what kids were already doing and experimenting with,” she continues. “[Euphoria] really gave us the opportunity to push that new era of beauty into the spotlight and inspire people to just have more fun with their makeup."

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Recreate the best makeup looks from Euphoria 

From Maddy’s winged eyelids to Rue’s glitter obsession, here’s how to master Euphoria’s looks and wear them with confidence. 

A bit of Green


Pastel green eyeshadow and a bold wine lip shouldn’t work together, but somehow they do. Perfectly paired here with Kat’s green and red outfit (and shining red nails), this is a complete look, y'all.

Get the look:

The base of this look is a killer foundation to build off of. Start by using a primer to keep the skin dewy and to keep the foundation in place all day. This Blurring Primer + CC Cream Set is perfect to kick off this flawless base. Finish off with a shimmer powder, like this Shimmer Highlighting Powder from e.l.f., to add some iridescence to the skin.

When applying the primer, make sure to get the eyelids as well; this will prevent the eyeshadow from creasing. For the green lids, try the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette, equipped with four shades of green and complementary colors to create the perfect eye. Fill in the green shade starting at the base of the eyelid and get lighter towards the eyebrows. For the side angles, a good rule of thumb is to draw a light line at a 45-degree angle from each eye corner. Lightly brush a cream or white around the edges of the green to clean up the lines and bring more attention to the eyes. 

For the lip, this Suede Matte Lipstick from NYX goes on velvety smooth and stays put. Opt for the Sweet Tooth, Spicy, or Vintage colors. 

Seeing red


Jules’ runway-ready vibe helps her pull off anything, including red eyes. The dark highlight contrasts the hair, the bright red eyes on an otherwise minimal face (this look is not for the faint of heart).

Davy took to Instagram to share more about this look. “Jules won’t ever be the same after her trip where she met Anna and ended up crying neon orange tears on a rooftop at dawn. @mistersamlev wanted this shift to be conveyed through Jules’ final hair and makeup look, where he requested a goth look with red eyes.”

Get the look:

The foundation on this look, if there is any, is quite bare-bones. The minimal attention to the skin and hair only make the bold eye stand out all the more. Choose a lightweight foundation like the Kari Gran Mineral Powder and brush just a dusting over your skin. 

For the red eyeshadow, grab KVD’s Super Pomade Pigment. For the best application, opt for a small eyeshadow brush. Thrive’s Precision Eyeshadow Brush is delicately tapered to provide incredible precision for eyeshadow application and is key for a bold look like this. Keep the eyeshadow concentration close to the eye all the away around and feather just slightly. This eye relies on the full-bodied color that circles the eye. 

For the small flecks of green, Color Pop’s Colour Me Obsessed gel liner comes in a bright Ice Breaker green. The gel liner enables careful application to the corner of the eyes. Apply a few layers for a thicker green. 



All the 90’s babies will surely remember the days of glitter eyeshadow that would get on absolutely everything and plaster to the face like super glue. 

Euphoria gives us a much more elevated version. These recreations are absolutely lust-worthy.

Get the look:

For the hot pink look on the left, start by building dimension on the cheeks. This buildable Cloud Paint blush from Glossier is creamy and bright. 

For the pretty-in-pink eyeshadow, grab this multi-colored palette from Melt Cosmetics. All six pink shades are perfect to achieve this eye—just pick your favorite! Aim to get most of the color on the inside corners of the eyes, both top and bottom. Dust the shade lighter as you move outward or switch to a lighter shade of pink for more of an ombre look.

As for the rhinestones, this set from True Beauty has stones of various sizes, ideal for this look. Start by placing the smaller ones close to the outer corners and choose larger sizes as you move away. There are over 140 gems per container and they are reusable. To complete the look, polish off the lips with a blush gloss like this one from Jones Road in peony. 

For a slightly tamer option, go for the purple look here on the right. Opt for this deep purple from MAC for the bold eyeshadow and place a few small rhinestones under the bottom lip of the eye. 



This exaggerated winged eye is subtle yet killer, not to mention Alexa’s exceptional jewelry that brings this fierce look to the next level. The eyes are the star here, paired with a nude, matte lip to compliment them. 

Get the look:

This look also relies on an amazing foundation base. Similar to Kat’s look above, the skin helps to sell the over-the-top eyes. Where Kat’s was more iridescent, Alexa’s look is full coverage and has a neutral tone. The full coverage Amazonian Clay Foundation from Tarte is perfect for this. Top it with Charlotte Tilbury’s Airbrush Flawless Finish to keep the shine at bay.

As for the eyes, this look takes a bit of patience. Start by outlining where you want the eyeliner to sit. A good trick is to use a piece of tape or paper to draw the line, especially if going for an extra-long tip like this. A key factor here is also picking the right eyeliner. This Liquid Eye-lie-ner from HAUS Laboratories is the cat eye’s best friend. With over 11,000 five-star reviews and a smudge-free finish, it allows you to carefully draw this exaggerated line and fill in the rest for a flawless finish.

Don’t forget the mascara. Look for a voluminous product, like Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk Push-Up Lashes Mascara for envious lashes. And finish it all off with a perfect pout: the Dolce K Lip Kit from Kylie Cosmetics is amazing.

All about glam 


Maddy is serving up the glam. While this may not have pastel greens or bold reds, this look is still noteworthy. The shimmering silver eyes and the perfectly tousled brows are understated but amazing.

Get the look:

To keep that shiny silver eyeshadow in place all through the day and night, whip out your primer. While regular skin primer does work, choosing an eyelid-specific primer, like Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance, will help even more. As for the silver, this Dazzle Eyeshadow Stick from KVD Beauty is sublime. The opaque color goes on thick and is built to last.

The silver color here slowly blends into black near the eye’s edges. To achieve this dimension, grab an eye pencil, like Urban Decay’s Eye Pencil. Smudge it into the far corners of the eyelid and blend into the silver for a cat-eye vibe. 

Finish the eyes with a pair of gorgeous faux lashes. Lilly Lashes’ Miami Flare lashes create truly showstopping eyes. For those picture-perfect brows, gently brush Glossier’s Boy Brow gel for instantly fluffy, groomed brows. 

Just the tips 


Another more subtle look, achieved with minimal makeup and paired with just a few rhinestones, is still sure to turn a few heads. Cassie’s bigger-than-life eyes and dramatic brows create this understated look that anyone can pull off.

Get the look:

To nail the no-makeup makeup look, first pay attention to the skin’s complexion. Hydration is key to keeping the skin looking vibrant and healthy. Choose a thick daily cream, like Tatcha’s Dewy Skin Cream. Then add a lightweight tinted sunscreen for a bit of color and a lot of protection. Honest’s CC Cream is equipped with 30 SPF and faint color that’s perfect for a dewy, healthy finish.

As for the twinkle in her eye, these e.l.f. Body Gems will help big time. For more of a daytime look, select a couple of the smaller stones, or cascade from small to big to go a bit bolder. The look here features just three, but add a few more to elongate the line. 

For healthy, natural lips grab Glossier’s Balm Dotcom lip balm. 



One of the most out-there looks from Season 1 deserves all the hype. Davy posted on Instagram explaining the vision. “I wanted Jules’ eyes to look like they could actually injure Nate. It had to be visceral for the audience, and a little bit cheeky too, just shy of funny,” she said. Mission accomplished.

Get the look: 

Believe it or not, you can purchase these exact “eye daggers.” The brand behind this look is Face Lace by Phyllis Cohen. The entire collection is what dramatic makeup dreams are made of. 

The rest of this look is understandable quite simple. The eyes are all you need. 

Glitter tears


Last, but certainly not least, is Rue’s glitter tears from the episode 2 of season 1. Davy notes that “Rue is so happy and drugs are cool until they aren’t …This scene is all about what it cuts to right after; aka the “until”; aka the dichotomy of the euphoria vs. reality in Rue’s drug use.” This look helps sell the scene. 

Get the look: 

Davy explains that she started with a shimmer base to the skin. Again, the e.l.f. Shimmer Highlight Powder is a great option. 

From there she draws on the glitter tears. Choose a glitter gel as it will be the easiest to apply and will stay in place. Colorpop’s Get A Grip glitter gel is perfect. 

Once there is a base of glitter set, grab a larger-sized glitter to layer on top. Florence by Mills has a beautiful glitter with large flakes for just this occasion. 

“I concentrated the highest densities of glitter near the eyes and lips,” states Davy. 


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