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Check Out These 11 Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats Vegans Will Love

Check Out These 11 Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats Vegans Will Love

Of the many benefits of yoga, enhancing your wellness sits at the very top of the list.

While you can do yoga on any mat, you’ll get even more bang for your buck if you practice on an eco-friendly mat. Not only will you avoid picking up chemicals as your bare skin brushes across the mat, but you can also feel better about practicing on a mat that aligns with your eco-conscious inner yogi.

These yoga mats are clean in similar ways to how Kinder Beauty products are clean (and vegan, and cruelty-free!). So if you're a clean beauty aficionado, then you'll love these mats.  

11 eco-friendly yoga mats to consider: 

1. Heart in the Clouds vegan suede yoga mat

 If you’re looking for an anti-slip mat, this one from POPFLEX is it. 

As your hands get sweatier, you’ll get an even better grip on the mat. Reviewers also swear by its softness, and who knows? You may be so moved by the beauty of this mat that you want to do yoga more. 

And if you don’t like this design, there are 10 others to choose from.

2. Original cork yoga mat + plant foam

 This cork mat from Yoloha Yoga screams sustainable, given that it contains no PVCs, plasticizers, or latex and is made from 70-percent renewable materials, namely cork and sugarcane. 

Sugarcane makes up the base of the mat, what Yoloha calls its Plant Foam, which is as eco-friendly as it is comfortable, especially given that it’s a thick mat. 

This is also one of the few yoga mats that touts itself as a 100-percent “vegan product.” 

And note: Yoloha has teamed up with EcoCart to make your orders 100-percent carbon neutral. Just check the carbon-neutral box when ordering and the company will purchase carbon offsets. 

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3. Anja Eco Jute yoga mat

 Don’t be fooled by how slim this mat looks: it has big staying power, especially in terms of being non-slip. 

Made from toxin-free materials, this mat is 100-percent biodegradable. You can choose from five lovely colors. Plus, each mat comes with a cotton strap for easy carrying.  

4. Cork yoga mat

     Satori likes to say that no tree is harmed in the making of its mats, which are crafted from recycled rubber and sustainably sourced cork materials. 

    There are no chemicals or toxins in these mats, one reason users report no smells when they unroll the mat. 

    The bonus with a cork mat like this? The more you sweat, the more grip you get. Choose from seven designs.  

    5. Curve Yoga Mat

     If you’re taller or just want more room to stretch, you might love the curved shape of this mat from Yoga Design Lab. 

    The top layer is made with an eco-friendly, absorbent microfiber while the base is 100-percent natural rubber. Not only does this mean you’re getting a sustainable mat, but it’s also one that provides cushion and what the company calls moisture activation, meaning that your grip improves the sweatier you get.

    Water-based inks are used in printed designs. Plus, the company sells numerous other yoga mats if you’re not into a curved one. 

    6. Tree of Life Alignment Cork Yoga Mat

    Get a cork mat that cares, says Scoria World, which notes that its cork mats make health, environmental and social impacts. 

    The mat, which features alignment lines to optimize your practice, is made from sustainably harvested cork that’s backed by natural tree rubber. The cork is anti-microbial so you won’t notice any odors, and because you can activate its sweat-grip in cold practices by spraying the mat with water, it’s perfect for any type of yoga practice. 

    This mat comes with a strap and is available in other designs. You can choose from two thicknesses–4.5 millimeters or 6 millimeters. 

    The best part? A portion of your purchase will be donated to Right to Play’s Promoting Life-Skills in Aboriginal Youth (PLAY) program.

    Get Beauty that Gives Back

    7. eKO Yoga Mat 5mm

     This yoga mat is made from all-natural, biodegradable rubber that Manduka is quick to note is not harvested from the Amazon. 

    The mat is thick, supportive, and because of its tacky texture, catches you if you slip. And if you’re taller, you will love that this yoga mat is 5'9" in length. It is available in six different colors.

    8. Harmony Mat

       Jade Yoga’s sustainable yoga mats are sourced from natural rubber, all of which are made in the United States. 

      Although Jade offers several mats, including a travel one, the Harmony is one of its most popular mats, and it’s available in nine different colors. 

      For every mat it sells, Jade plants a tree. So far, the company has planted a whopping one million trees.

      9. Design Your Own Yoga Mat

         This mat may be pricier than others, but if you’ve never had a customized yoga mat, you may find that it makes your yoga practice that much more fulfilling. 

        Just upload your photo to the site, even add text if you want, and Smart Mats Studio will take care of the design. 

        This mat, which carries the Environmental Protection Seal, is made from BPA-free PVC and features an antibacterial component and leather-like texture. It’s also a thick mat—6 millimeters—for better cushioning. 

        10. Banana Leaf Mat

           If you’re looking for a mat with a texture that feels different than rubber, this one from Yoga Zeal should fit that bill, as it has a suede-like top. 

          This mat not only provides a soft surface but also gives you more grip the sweatier you get. The backing is made from biodegradable natural rubber. 

          Worried about cleaning this one? Never fear, as it can be thrown in the washing machine. It comes in two other patterns if you don’t like banana leaves.

          11. Kunzite Mat

           When you need help aligning with a pose or even with your purpose, Live Life Fuller’s mat can answer those calls. 

          The design helps with alignment and may even activate your heart center, given that the artwork features a healing stone known as kunzite. 

          Made in the US, this mat is made of non-toxic vinyl that’s free of phthalates, latex, and BPA. And, the company will recycle your old yoga mat if you ship it to them, and you’ll then receive a 10 percent discount on a new mat. 

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