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Kinder Beauty's February Marketplace Benefits These 3 Charities

Kinder Beauty's February Marketplace Benefits These 3 Charities

As part of Kinder Beauty’s continued work to support BIPOC individuals and communities, and in honor of Black History Month, we will be donating half of all profits from sales in the Kinder Beauty February Marketplace to three important change-making charities that serve BIPOC populations. We think you will be as excited as we are to learn about and support these innovative charities.

Read more below to get a glimpse into why we chose these groundbreaking organizations, and then read our full-length features on The Loveland Foundation, Black Girls CODE, and Afro-Vegan Society.


Therapy brings healing, empowerment, and growth, yet for many, it is too heavy a financial burden to bear. Founded by sought-after writer, lecturer, and influencer Rachel Cargle, The Loveland Foundation is supporting BIPOC individuals, especially Black women and girls, by offering necessary financial support so that they can enjoy the benefits of therapy. Founded in 2018, the foundation grew out of Cargle’s personal birthday fundraiser, Therapy for Black Women and Girls, which raised $250,000 with the help of her massive online following. The Loveland Foundation is exponentially growing the community of women and girls that Cargle is benefitting. For years, Cargle has made great positive change by speaking honestly about issues including systemic racism, white feminism, and transgender rights. Now, with The Loveland Foundation, she is helping to heal women of all ages who might not otherwise have access to therapy and its many benefits. Read more about The Loveland Foundation.


Conceived and launched by electrical engineer Kimberly Bryant, Black Girls CODE delivers education and inspiration to girls and young women who are eager to prepare for careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Throughout her own education and career, Bryant discovered a dramatic divide: there were few women and few people of color in her chosen field. When her own child was entering middle school and expressed enthusiasm for computers and technology, she couldn’t find a class to enroll her in that was balanced in regards to gender. So she took matters into her own hands, and created Black Girls CODE, a nonprofit that provides Black girls ages 7-17 the education they need to enter STEM fields. Classes and workshops provided by the organization cover topics including game development, HTML/CSS, Basics, robotics, and other programming concepts. Students also have the opportunity to visit the very businesses they may someday work for, and have in-person experiences that offer a glimpse into their potential future careers. It is the organization’s vision to train one-million girls by the year 2040. Read more about Black Girls CODE.


There’s a long history that connects Black communities and plant-based living, yet the majority of today’s vegan outreach neglects BIPOC individuals. The Afro-Vegan Society is responding by focusing on these communities, to offer panels, talks, recipes, and overall support. At the same time, the organization shines a spotlight on Black vegan trailblazers. For Black History Month, Afro-Vegan Society asks non-vegans to take the Veguary pledge to go vegan. It is a 28-day plant-based program that offers cooking demonstrations, panels, email updates, live Q&A sessions, and interactive check-ins. The Afro-Vegan Society was created in response to the need for vegan outreach to people in marginalized communities, so that those individuals can make healthier and more compassionate lifestyle choices. Veguary provides fantastic programming and support to help even more people from these communities make the switch to veganism. Learn more about The Afro-Vegan Society.

To date, Kinder Beauty has donated nearly $35,000 to animal rights, human rights, environmental, and anti-racist organizations. In honor of Black History Month, we are so proud to support these three trail-blazing nonprofits that are working in BIPOC communities to create long-lasting, positive change—but we believe that every month should celebrate and amplify Black communities, and we are committed to do our part all-year long.

Keep your eyes peeled for the reveal of the February Marketplace. Mystery Boxes will be back! Once the February Marketplace goes live, you'll be able to get three boxes for $60 (over $225 value) or two boxes for $45 (over $150 value).

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