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REVEALED: The December Beauty Box! ‘Tis the Season to be Kinder (and Even More Gorgeous, As If That’s Possible!)

REVEALED: The December Beauty Box! ‘Tis the Season to be Kinder (and Even More Gorgeous, As If That’s Possible!)

Hold onto your bath bombs, Kinder Babes; your beauty regimen is about to change forever. The December Kinder Beauty Box is our best one yet, and we’re pretty sure you’re going to hands-down agree. From an exclusive bath bomb made just for you (which smells better than anything we’ve ever sniffed) to a lip gloss that is redefining makeup parameters, the contents of this month’s box are as extra-special as you are. 


This month’s box—dare we say our best collection yet?—is valued at $92.50, but you can buy it for just $24!


Happy Holidays, Kinder Babes. We adore you. 


And ‘tis the season for self-love, is it not? No matter what you celebrate, the much-anticipated holiday season is a time to focus on things that make us feel good while we share the glorious love with those around us. This year, why not extend your beautiful compassion to animals, too? Avoiding products from brands that pollute the environment or allow cruel animal testing is one of the easiest things we can do to give our animal friends something to be thankful for—and lucky for us, vegan and cruelty-free products are more gorgeous than ever. Nobody wants to support cruelty, but with all the clever marketing labels out there nowadays, it can seem a little confusing at times.


That’s where Kinder Beauty comes in. It’s our goal to make it easy for people to shop for ethical brands that don’t harm animals or the earth—and we’ve done all the research ourselves, so you can just sit and look pretty. And you can start your new cruelty-free lifestyle today with the utterly gorgeous, pampering, best-ever December box from Kinder Beauty. (And word to the wise: our boxes make the perfect gift!)


Without further ado, here is the December Kinder Beauty Box, revealed! 


Dirty Lamb Ultra Night Serum (Retail Value: $52)

Dirty Lamb Ultra Night Serum

This serum is basically going to change your life. We couldn’t wait to include Dirty Lamb’s Ultra Night Serum in the December box. Perfect for hydrating your skin at the end of a chilly winter day, this antioxidant-packed secret weapon will make you look and feel like you’ve slept a full eight hours (even though you might’ve been up all night wrapping last-minute gifts). It’s especially great during the dry, wintery months, and it smells amazing, too! We’re sure that this will become a permanent staple in your nightly skin care routine. 


Liplove Lip Gloss (Retail Value: $16)

Liplove Lip Gloss (subscribers will receive one of two neutral shades: Sahara or Coffee)

This innovative, one-of-a-kind product is a must-have for anyone’s makeup bag. Liplove isn’t a gloss, but it’s not a lipstick either—it’s a versatile makeup that’s designed to be worn on the lips, eyelids, cheeks, or anywhere you want a gorgeous glow of color that lasts all day (which is extra-perfect for long days of seeing family, or cooking vegan holiday meals). Finally, a makeup that’s as good at multitasking as you are! Subscribers will receive one of two neutral shades: Sahara or Coffee.


SF Hair Accessory or Makeup Bag (Retail Value: $18)

SF Hair Accessory
SF Makeup Bag

SF Glow is a super-cute New York-based, Korean-made skin care brand that’s generating tons of buzz, and for good reason. We’re thrilled to include something extra-fun in the December box from them! Everyone will receive either an iridescent hair wrap or an iridescent makeup bag. Be prepared to shine! Both are insanely adorable accessories that we know you’ll rock like a pro. Subscribers will receive either the hair accessory or the makeup bag.


EXCLUSIVE: The Kind Poppy Bath Bomb (Retail Value: $6.50)

The Kind Poppy Bath Bomb

The Kind Poppy has created a special bath bomb in honor of our Kinder babes (aw, shucks!), which is appropriately named The Kinder Bomb. This bath bomb was hand-crafted with love in Nashville with 100-percent vegan and cruelty-free materials, of course. What makes this bath bomb even more bomb is that the fragrance reminds us of the highly sought-after “volcano candle” scent that has the internet going wild. Start running your bath now. Note that the image is of a different bath bomb from The Kind Poppy. Subscribers will receive an exclusive bath bomb made just for Kinder Beauty! 


Rawganic Facial Wipe (Sample)

Rawganic Facial Wipe

Because we care about the future of our planet, we reduce plastics, recycle, and try to cut out waste whenever possible. Do we not? So why should our skincare routine be any different? Rawganic knows what’s up, and so they created a biodegradable facial wipe! No need to feel guilty using the convenience of a cleansing wipe to rid impurities from your skin. Subscribers get one of two sample facial wipes, which is perfect for travel, going to the gym, or as a fun stocking stuffer. The refreshing aloe and green tea wipe will give you a boost of energy as it cleanses, tones, and moisturizes the skin, while the anti-aging wipe is infused with pomegranate to hydrate and reduce inflammation. Subscribers will receive one sample facial wipe. 


Are you as gobsmacked as we are by all the goodies in the December Kinder Beauty Box? Thought so. So now that your box is on its way to you (and all of the people you gifted boxes to for the holidays), don’t you feel fabulous knowing that you supported responsible, compassionate companies this holiday season? Shopping for vegan and cruelty-free personal care products is easier than ever—and will leave you looking and feeling so ridiculously good. Don’t forget to tag us on social media (@kinderbeautybox) and let us know which products you’re most excited for. Until next time, stay beautiful and kind!  


P.S. We have launched a private Facebook group, and we want you to join! Be a part of the Kinder community by signing up today, and you’ll be the first ones to have access to our giveaways, promotions, contests, and even our boxes (which is a good thing, because they’re going faster and faster these days). We’ll also ask you to tell us what you’re loving and what you’re not loving, what you’d like to see in future boxes, and which companies are floating your fancy these days! Thanks in advance for joining … we look forward to seeing you there!

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